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Reface Your Kitchen Now!!

oak cabinets refaced

Reface? First of all, what is refacing? Additionally, what makes refacing better than totally starting over?

Refacing always changes your existing cabinet doors to another wood species, or paint grade doors in your color choice. Additionally the face frame of your cabinets become the same color or wood species as your brand new doors, hence the name refacing.

Refacing Options

Furthermore, you have two options of what to do with the face frame of your cabinets. The first option includes applying a new wood species, namely, a very thin wood veneer, onto the face frame of your cabinets. The second option includes new painted doors, while painting your cabinet face frame in the exact same paint. Thus your doors and cabinet frame will match upon completion!

Ultimately, this is the basic difference between refacing your kitchen and refinishing. With refinishing, your original doors are taken to our shop, cleaned, sanded, and repainted. Then we install them back onto your newly painted cabinets.

With refacing, we paint the face frame of the cabinets in the same color as your brand new doors, just as we do when refinishing. However, those painted cabinet doors will be brand new doors!! For more info on types of doors, check out our blog on cabinet doors.

At Homestead Cabinet Design we have amazing results with changing blah and yucky kitchens to stunning and gorgeous! Basically, we offer three basic options when choosing to reface your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Additionally, with every kitchen we reface, we offer brand new soft close drawer slides, and soft close hinges.

Three Reface Options For Your Kitchen

As noted above, the three basic options for refacing your kitchen include:

  1. New stained and varnished wood doors, along with stained and varnished wood veneer for the face frame of your cabinet.
  2. New cabinet doors edged in a hardwood frame with an MDF center. Incidentally, these are called paint grade wood doors. Additionally, in this case the face frame of your cabinets receive a wood veneer painted to match you new doors..
  3. New cabinet doors edged in a hardwood frame with an MDF center, or solid paint grade MDF doors, painted in your color of choice. Additionally, the face frame of your cabinets will be cleaned, sanded , and painted to match your new doors.

Wood Veneers Used In Refacing

The wood veneer used in refacing kitchen cabinets is not manufactured from from a cheap veneer strip. Actually, this veneer comes from 1/8th -1/4th” thin strips of real wood, painted or stained in the color of your choice, and in the same color as your cabinet doors. The side panels of your kitchen also receive this same veneer, matching everything!!

Additionally, this veneer comes with a strong glue applied to the back side of it. Thus allowing it to firmly adhere to the face frame of your cabinets. Once this glue dries, it becomes almost impossible to remove it from the face frame of your cabinets! Yes, it creates such a tight bond!!

Types Of Wood Veneers

The wood veneers for stained kitchens come in the actual wood species that you choose. They come unfinished, and we stain, sand, and seal them in our shop at the same time that we stain, sand and seal the all wood cabinet doors. This results in a spectacular, perfectly matching wood finish throughout your whole entire kitchen!!

The wood veneers for painted kitchens come from actual thin strips of maple wood. They also come unfinished. As with the wood species, we primer, sand and paint the wood veneers alongside applying primer, sanding, and painting your cabinet doors. This ensures a uniform color throughout your entire kitchen. Moreover, this is how we can offer you any color!! We use any color you choose and apply it to the doors AND the veneers. We are not limited to only a few colors!!

In conclusion, the difference between the wood veneers boils down to what is applied to the surface of the veneer. And that becomes your choice, whether you prefer a stained wood look, or a painted wood look.

In both cases the wood veneer comes from thin strips of wood, stained or painted in the color of your choice. Furthermore, once the wood veneer has been finished in our shop, to your specifications, the process of attaching the veneer to the face frame of your kitchen is the same, regardless if it is painted or stained.

Refacing To Wood Species

Change any kitchen to the beautiful wood species of your choice! Yes, those old oak cabinets change to the beautiful rich hues of red birch or cherry, all by changing out the doors, and the face frames of your cabinets!!

Want to go with something exotic like knotty alder or hickory?? Absolutely!! In actuality, the sky becomes the limit, however your imagination and your budget decides the limit of what works for you. As noted above: when refacing, your existing cabinets become whatever wood species, or color you desire, all by changing their face, hence the name refacing.

Refacing A Painted Kitchen To Natural Cherry

As you see below, Homestead Cabinet Design transformed this ugly green kitchen into a lovely kitchen with the warm hues of natural cherry. Even the soffit received a face lift, resulting in the look of cabinets going all the way to the ceiling!!

vintage kitchen being refaced to cherry

First, we cover all the counters and protect the floor. Following this, we dismantle all the doors, and remove all the hardware.

vintage green kitchen refaced to red birch

Next, the face frames receive a thorough scrubbing, using TSP a strong degreaser to get rid of all underlying grease. After this scrubbing down, all nicks and dings get filled in with wood filler, before sanding them smooth. Following this we apply the thin stained wood veneer on to the face frame of the cabinet.

Reface Process

We did not get any pictures of the process here in this kitchen. However, if you look below in the painted kitchen turned white or even the island turned hickory, you see the same process we used here. Basically the thin wood strips come with a strong glue on the back side covered with paper backing. We then take off the paper backing, and adhere the wood veneers to the face frame. Usually, the strips are cut to fit the width of your specific cabinets with a special veneer knife, and then glued to your kitchen cabinet frame.

If you watch the process below, you see that we use strong clamps to hold the veneer in place until the glue is dried. Once the glue has dried and bonded, there is no way the veneer will come back off, since the glue we use is stronger than wood itself!

After the veneer bonds thoroughly, we take the clamps off and install the cabinet doors, and in this case cover the soffit with cherry plywood and moldings. This really added a finished touch to this kitchen- instantly updating and giving amazing life and vitality to this dated and worn kitchen!!

Below, you find another kitchen Homestead Cabinet Design refaced to stained cherry, using wood veneers and new shaker cabinet doors. Note especially the beautiful island! Again, Raymond built this surround using stained cherry plywood, then framing it out with real cherry wood. Thus giving it the appearance of separate panels. Adding the trim around the bottom for the toe kick adds visual punch also. Thus making the whole island a center focal point in this beautiful kitchen!!

Reface Your Island To A Wood Species

These clients had a tired, worn island they wanted refaced in hickory wood. This picture shows the side view of the old island.

side veiw old wood island to be refaced with hickory wood

Below, you see the front side of the island.

old island to be refaced

Additionally, the backside, although lovely in its day, needed a total face lift!!

back side of old island to be refaced with hickory wood

These people chose new hickory doors and wood veneer for the face frame of their island. Again, after cleaning and sanding the face frame, we attach the wood veneers to the frame, with clamps until the the glue dried.

reface process for an island

Check this out! Below, you see the front of the island with brand new sides, and Shaker style, slab front drawer fronts and Shaker style doors. The transformation totally amazed everyone!!

refaced hickory island

Newly stained hickory plywood was cut and fitted for the side panels. Then a frame was built around it, giving it a totally new, updated appearance. Hickory trim around the bottom also added depth and beauty to this island, totally upgrading and rejuvenating it!!!

Additionally, you see the back side of the island below. This shaker style look comes from using plywood in the same species of wood that you reface in. This plywood becomes stained along with everything else, then applied as one piece to the side or back of your island. Strips of wood, stained to match, make a frame around the edge to give it the look of separate panels. This method adds beauty and finishes any island!!

hickory refaced island

Below you see another island and kitchen that Homestead Cabinet Design finished in a similar manner, only in white beadboard.

white painted refaced island

Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets!

Do you wish to reface by painting only some of your kitchen cabinets? However, you still want your island to provide a central focal point by changing the paint color or wood species on there? Go ahead!! Choose one color for the base cabinets, another color for the top cabinets, along with another option for your island.

Below you see a kitchen that Homestead Cabinet refaced for a client, using painted wood veneers for part of the kitchen and wood veneers for the island. As you see, the kitchen had formerly been painted a vintage green. However the cabinet boxes were solid, and the owners did not want to upgrade to all new cabinets. They chose to go with painted wood veneers, instead of painting the face frame in the same color as the doors.

Again, first we thoroughly clean and sand the cabinets. Additionally, we fill in all scratches and dings with wood filler, then let it dry thoroughly. Following this, we sand the face frame and wipe everything clean again. Finally, we apply the painted veneer to the face frame, instantly updating your kitchen! After the glue adheres to the face frame, we use a special tool to cut the veneer edges flush with the cabinets.

refacing process with painted wood veneers

After finishing the face frame, we install the painted doors, thus perfectly matching the color of your cabinets!! As you see, the top cabinets here were refaced in white, the bottom cabinets a deep blue, and the island was refaced into hickory!!

refaced kitchen with painted white shaker doors

Cost Effectiveness of Refacing With Painted Veneers

Keep in mind when planning to reface cabinets with painted wood veneers, that applying veneers is very meticulous and time consuming. It takes a great deal of skill and tedious work Therefore, unless you have oak cabinets and you want to hide the grain, or your cabinets are really dinged and ugly as these were, you do well to consider refacing with brand new painted doors and simply painting the face frame of your cabinets in the identical color.

Refacing With New Painted Doors While Painting The Face Frame

The least costly way to reface your kitchen includes buying new paint grade doors, while repainting the face frame of your cabinets. This procedure happens very similarly to repainting/refinishing your kitchen cabinets. However, you always receive new cabinet doors.

If your cabinet frames have only minor scratches and dings, and you wish to upgrade to painted cabinets, this option becomes very appealing!! Especially, if you have a lower budget, but still wish to upgrade your kitchen.

Refacing Oak Kitchens

Below, you see a typical oak kitchen. This client wanted to upgrade to shaker style white painted doors. However, they opted to not go with the painted veneers. Instead we painted the face frames, using the same process as is used when refinishing a kitchen.

refacing procedure when repainting the face frame

First, all the doors came off. Then, we taped off all cabinet openings. Additionally, we made a plastic room inside the home, to cut down on dust and paint film covering everything else in the home. After this, all the face frames are thoroughly cleaned, all the dings filled in with wood sealer, before sanding. Finally, the face frame of the cabinet is painted in the very same paint that the cabinet doors are painted with in our shop.

This ensures that you receive even color throughout your kitchen. Along with that, it allows us to use any color paint, and guarantee that the cabinet frame will be the same color as cabinet doors.

white shaker doors

After finishing the painting process, we take all the plastic down. Then we clean everything up, before installing the new cabinet doors. Additionally, adding crown molding gave a beautiful finished flair to this kitchen!!

How Much Does Refacing Cost?

It costs considerably less to reface your kitchen than to totally gut your kitchen, starting over with brand new cabinets. An average kitchen costs between $5,000 to $10,000 to reface.

Of course, a lot depends on how many changes you make. Upgrades such as soft close slides, trash can pull-outs, and more do add to the bottom cost. Additionally any cabinet modifications add to the final cost. However, they add such value and beauty to your kitchen! You will not regret it!! To learn more about all the cabinet options, upgrades, and modifications that can be made to your existing kitchen, check out our blog of cabinet refacing.

Want To Cut Costs While Refacing?

Possibly by now, you know that you really want to reface your kitchen, however the cost intimidates you. One way to cut costs includes ordering new doors, painted in your choice of color. Meanwhile, you strip off your doors, and tackle prepping and painting the cabinet frames yourself.

We have a huge selection of doors that works perfectly for DIY-ers, just like you! Do you desire to do some of the work yourself, while wanting that perfectly glossy smooth finish on your cabinet doors? Just call!! We are more than happy to help you achieve that perfect kitchen, while keeping the costs as minimal as you want for your own kitchen.

Another option includes only refacing with brand new doors. We have done this also for a client. She wanted a face lift for her kitchen, nevertheless, she didn’t want to spend a fortune. So we replaced the doors, painting the new cabinet doors white with a brown glaze applied. This glaze tied her white cabinet doors together with her dark cabinets. Additionally, she chose full overlay, Shaker style doors, so most of the face frame hid behind the doors.

Below, you see the kitchen before we started.

kitchen with slab front doors
glazed inset panel doors

This change brightened her kitchen!! Additionally, she chose soft close hinges and soft close slides, making her kitchen so much more user-friendly!!

In conclusion, again, your limit becomes our limit. You choose how much you want us to help you with. Refacing definitely adds new life and transforms an old aged tired kitchen!! It beautifully upgrades your kitchen to a light and cheery work space.

Can We Help You Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams?

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Additionally, we have a huge selection of cabinet doors for you to choose from when you reface your kitchen!! Check this out!!

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