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Meet Raymond Glick

Owner & Designer For Homestead Cabinet Design

Raymond Glick

Owner / Designer

“Hello, I’m Raymond, owner, designer and craftsman at Homestead Cabinet Design. I have been doing cabinet making and design work for over 15 years, and now am starting my own custom cabinet business in Palmer, MA. I have the tools and design software it takes to help you design your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry from start to finish.

I can work with cabinets you want to buy yourself, or I can connect you with quality solid wood cabinets built either locally, or by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania or Ohio.

My job is to help you make your dream kitchen and bathroom come true. I will help you with measuring the space, designing in 3D so you can visualize the completed project, as well as buying and installing of the cabinetry.  I also do other home improvements such as sheet rock patching, painting, tile or wood flooring, appliance installation, and kitchen or bathroom accessories. My goal is quality in designs and craftsmanship that will meet or exceed your expectations.

"Call me today and let’s get started planning your project. I look forward to hearing from you.” 

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We are all tasked with the ability to be honest and it is our responsibility to be open and honest to each other building a sturdy and reliable foundation based on trust


Without passion there can be no greatness and that limits our ability to experience the best parts of life. We must be giving and living the best possible experiences.


The right thing is not difficult to do however doing what is right all the time even when no one else is around is seems to be an issue for some. We commit to doing whats right always!


We are constantly striving to bring top notch quality products and services to you each and everyday. You can count on us to meet and exceed your expectations!


Without communication everything else suffers dramatically and therefore we must make keeping in touch with one another an essential part of both our business and personal

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