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Cabinet Painting And Refinishing

Here are some photos of cabinets that have been upgraded by painting the cabinet faces and the cabinet doors, reusing their original doors.

Options include:

  • Paint existing doors
  • New drawers and soft-close slides
  • New handles or pulls
  • Roll-out trays
  • Crown molding 
  • Baseboard
  • Paint colors custom matched to Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore 

Lovely white paint beautifies every kitchen!

Our paints and products

We currently use all waterborne polyurethanes made by Milesi, Renner, Envirolak, and Centurion Wood Products. These can be tinted to match most major paint brands.  We try our best to block existing stains, minimize grain and get the best finish possible. We spray all finishes for the best results.

For Paint colors, simply choose any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color name and number, and we will do a color match.

For stains, check out the OCS stains at: Woodwright stains color browser, select your wood species, then select the stain color.

In some cases, we recommend new cabinet doors with hinges. Cleaning, sanding imperfections, and filling grain can take a lot of time, and bring the cost close to that of a new door.

White paint brightens your kitchen!

Most kitchens can be painted in about 5 days - Here's our process

Day 1: All Cabinets are thoroughly cleaned and sanded before painting. All doors and hardware are removed. Next we mask off all the cabinet openings (you don't need to take everything out of the cabinets!), counters, floors and walls and erect a plastic barrier to contain the dust and spray. Then we thoroughly clean, and sand the cabinet boxes. We take the doors back to our shop to paint there. 

Day 2: We spray the cabinets with a high build primer to help fill in minor imperfections (and grain on oak wood). We allow this to dry and then scuff and prime a second coat. We allow this to cure and harden overnight to lock in any stain bleed through.

Day 3. We sand the primer till it's smooth, then go over everything with a vacuum, and tack cloth to eliminate all dust. Then we spray the color coat, allow it to flash dry, then spray one final coat.

Day 4. We unmask the kitchen

Day 5. We install all doors, drawers and hardware.  

Larger kitchens may take an extra day or two. Cabinet modifications, such as adding new drawers etc. also add additional time

Want some color in your kitchen? Paint the upper cabinets white, and use another color for the bottom!

Want to save some money? 

Are you a DIYer that likes to paint? Some people choose to paint their own cabinets with brush and roller, and we spray and reinstall the doors. We supply you with the same paint, the best brushes and rollers, and you do the rest! If that looks to intimidating, we can also prep (sand and clean) the kitchen for you before you paint.