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5 Cabinet Painting Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made In Cabinet Painting

green painted kitchen

Are you wishing to tackle painting your own kitchen? Does it look overwhelming, especially with all the conflicting information out there? Additionally, you see kitchens done by DIYers that totally failed. Your really don’t want to repeat their mistakes, however you feel at a loss of how to proceed. Read on to find out the most common mistakes made by DIY-ers, to save you that same grief!

Indeed, do not despair! It is really not that hard to paint your own kitchen. You just need to follow the same steps professionals take to achieve that beautifully glossy smooth finish professionals achieve. This is not a secret science, you just need to follow the proper step by step process. Furthermore, you do not want to go to the box stores for information. Ask the pros! Big box store paints give you big box store results!

For detailed step by step instructions on how to perfectly paint your kitchen check out our blog on cabinet painting. Remember, this is something you can do with the proper equipment, paints, and enough of time! You can achieve the same results in painting your own kitchen that professionals get, by following the same procedures!

In this blog, we want to show you 5 common mistakes DIYers make when painting their own kitchen. We want to address these problems up front with you so that you can avoid making these same mistakes. Thus effectively saving yourself a lot of time and money.

The biggest five mistakes we see a lot as professionals:

  1. Improper prep
  2. Not priming or using the wrong primer
  3. Wrong topcoats
  4. Using the wrong equipment
  5. Not following directions for the proper cure time.

Common Mistake 1. Improper Prep

The first of the 5 common mistakes a lot of homeowners make is improper prep. You must prep properly for a beautiful end product. Do not listen to the “pros” at the big box stores who would like to tell you that you do not need to clean and sand for a good finish. All your cabinets must be free of grease and dust for you to have a beautiful painted kitchen that will last you for a long time!

Below you see a picture of a cabinet that was not properly prepped. The paint peels right off! This is indicative that they either only used de-glosser without sanding or proper cleaning. Do not fall for this trick. Your paint will fail if you do not properly clean, sand , and prep. De-glosser should only be used in areas that you cannot sand. Even then, you still need to clean afterwards with denatured alcohol and a soft rag.

Remember that even if you use the best of the best paints, your paint can only adhere to properly prepped surface. Indeed, the end result of your painted kitchen is only as good as the prepping you do! Paint cannot adhere to improperly prepped surface, and you only set yourself up for failure by skimping on this very crucial step in the process!!

common mistakes of diy-ers cabinet painters
Do not repeat this DIY-ers mistake!!

You need to clean, prep, and sand your cabinets. Do not think you can skimp on this step! As usual, the biggest amount of your time will be spent prepping your cabinets for painting. However, once your cabinets gleam with that new coat of paint, you will feel like a millionaire! Especially since you know that no grease or dirt is hiding anywhere behind the scenes to trap you and fail your paint job in a few years.

Believe me, proper prep is super important for that professionally smooth, glossy finish in your kitchen.

Common Mistake 2. Not Priming Or Using the Wrong Primers

Another problem we often see is the misinformation from the big box stores that no priming is necessary. Or they tell you that the same primers apply for cabinets as do for wall or trim painting. This is just not true!

You cannot use paint and primer combined, nor do you want to use wall paint. It will not hold up. Remember that you are painting cabinets, not walls. So, you need to use the proper primers for cabinets.

Chalk paints also make a poor decision for cabinets. Even while they are easy to use, they are soft paints. Thus they do not hold up the continual wear and tear that kitchen cabinets undergo on a continual basis.

You want to use cabinet grade paint. Definitely, they will cost more. However the strength and durability of cabinet paint far surpasses wall and chalk paints!

Look for Benjamin Moore line of cabinet paints. Another top of the line paint that shows extreme durability, yet comes as a water base paint, is Milesi 1 paint. This paint shows as good results with hardness and durability as conversion varnishes, without those horrible fumes!!

Common Mistake 3. Using the Wrong Topcoats

The next common mistake we see people making is using the wrong topcoats. Again, this is due to so much misinformation out there. Do not believe for a minute that you can use inferior wall paint on your cabinets, and achieve the same results a professional does! Granted, even some so-called professionals will tell you to use low quality paint. You have probably listened to some people who call themselves professionals after only painting a few kitchens.

However, remember that durability is the true test of any professional. Most likely, if they have just started cabinet painting, it is hard to know how long the paint will last. You really do not want to put forth all this time and effort for you paint to fail in a few short years!

Common Mistake 4. Using the Wrong Equipment

The fourth mistake we see often, is people using the wrong equipment. True, brushes and rollers can be used to paint cabinets. However, you cannot use just any brush or roller. Additionally, even when using the right equipment, you need to brush and roll properly to achieve that beautiful professional finish. In our blog on cabinet painting we show you step by step how to brush and roll, and even spray like the pros!

We want you to end up with a kitchen you can be proud of! So many times people start with misinformation, ending up needing to call the professionals in to finish for them. This can be avoided! With time an effort you can have as beautiful a finish as the professionals give you! You do not need to end up with a failed paint project.

Common Mistake 5. Not Following Proper Cure Time

The fifth common mistake people make is not following proper cure time in between coats of paint. You must follow the times listed on the back of your paint can. Do not try to rush this! Some paints like Benjamin Moore Advance have a long cure time, and you may only get 1 coat done a day. That’s just fine. take your time, and you will definitely be rewarded with a beautiful finish on you kitchen cabinets.

Can I Paint my Kitchen Myself?

Absolutely! Avoid these 5 common mistakes and you will achieve beautiful results! Plan to take a few months to finish painting your kitchen, if you are only doing it in your spare time. In the event that you take time off of work to paint your cabinets, plan to spend at least a week and possibly two to paint your kitchen cabinets. You really do not want to hurry through the project and end up with peeling paint after spending all that time working on it!!

For more info on upgrades for your kitchen check out our blog on 10 Upgrades for DIY-ers.

maple kitchen painted chantilly white
Your kitchen can look just like this with hard work and some devoted time to the project!!

Homestead Cabinet Design Offers You Step By Step Help With Your Kitchen Renovation!

Homestead Cabinet Design is here to help you step by step with painting your kitchen. Watch for the publication of our exciting e-book that shows you step by step how to paint your own kitchen gaining the same results as professionals do! In this book, we show you common mistakes diyers make, how to avoid them and simple instructions on how to paint your kitchen yourself.

We also offer you kits of brushes, rollers, and tell you the exact primers and top coats to use to achieve the same glossy smooth results professionals do!!

In the meantime, call or email Raymond at Homestead Cabinet Design for answers to your specific questions for your kitchen. We will be happy to help you today!

We can order you top of the line paints matching any Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore samples. Just ask! Don’t settle for cheap box store paints for your kitchen. You will not regret doing it right the first time!

paint and cabinet door samples

For more information check out our website services.

white painted kitchen

10 Kitchen Upgrades For DIY-ers

Many questions arise when thinking of repainting kitchen cabinets. For instance, what products do the pros use for professional results? How can homeowners achieve that same glossy smooth finish? Additionally, what if my kitchen needs new doors and drawer fronts or boxes? Or new hardware? Last but not least, can a typical homeowner repaint their kitchen?

Absolutely! If you want to save yourself a great deal of money and have the time and energy, repainting your cabinets gives you a great return on its investment. It definitely requires time, and dedication, so you will want to block out a few weeks of time to upgrade your kitchen. However, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from tackling home improvement challenges is amazing!

Painting your kitchen transforms an ordinary dark and dingy kitchen to a stunning workplace. Indeed, the transformation amazes our clients!! With so good options out there, you can repaint pretty much any color that you want to. There are even ways to minimize the grain, if you have oak cabinets. Virtually, your imagination is the limit!

In this blog we will focus on upgrades you can do yourself, to your own kitchen. For detailed instructions on the actual painting process check out our blog on cabinet painting.

5 Simple Upgrades For Your Kitchen

The most basic upgrades for your kitchen includes: 1. Brand new paint. 2. New cabinet doors. 3. 3/4″ plywood shelves, with veneered edges. 4. Hinges. 5. Hardware.

Best Possible Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

You will want to use the best cabinet grade finishes for your cabinets. Both Benjamin Moore Advance or Sherwin Williams cabinet paint offer good results for painting kitchen cabinets. However, if you want the best, most durable finish that professionals use, use the Milesi one part paint.

Milesi paint definitely costs more than any other cabinet paint, however it dries hard and will last so much longer for you! When using Milesi paint, your cabinets receive that ultimate hard and smooth feel of professionally painted cabinets. Additionally, your hard work will definitely last for years!

If some of your doors need to be replaced, or you have structural issues, you may actually want to think of refacing them. However, most times simply painting your existing kitchen cabinets brings amazing life and vitality onto your kitchen. Totally transforming your work space at a fraction of the cost and hassle of buying new cabinets. You will be amazed at how dashingly beautiful your kitchen cabinets will be with a gleaming fresh coat of paint!!

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Installing brand new cabinet doors adds a beautiful touch to your kitchen, especially if your cabinet doors show wear and tear! We can source doors in all types for you for a very reasonable price. We have access to all wood doors for staining and painting, wood doors with an MDF center for painting, and all MDF solid core doors for painting. For detailed explanation on the different types of doors check out our blog on cabinet doors.

Painted Cabinet doors
Door samples

Stained Wood Cabinet Doors

Possibly you have kitchen cabinets in a wood species, and still love that specific color. However the cabinet frame and doors show a lot of wear and tear. At times installing brand new doors in the same wood species/stain color adds a powerful upgrade at a bare minimum cost. Additionally, a simple coat of stain and fresh varnish over the frame of your cabinets covers up the dings and scratches, adds tremendous beauty to your kitchen!

Below you see the beauty of stained wood cabinets. These cabinets received brand new doors, making this kitchen shine once again. With the beauty of full overlay, Shaker doors, very little of the cabinet face is exposed. This allows you to almost fully cover the face of the cabinets with brand new doors.

Therefore, if you want to keep down your costs, think of upgrading to new cabinet doors, along with re-staining and varnishing the frame. This definitely upgrades your cabinets!

cherry kitchen

Painted Cabinet Doors

Do you wish to paint your cabinets? Painting opens a whole new world of color in your kitchen! Now you have options in wide array. Do you want to repaint your existing cabinet doors? Keep the same hardware? Additionally, consider the state of your drawer slides and door hinges. Should they be upgraded also?

A lot of this depends on the existing condition of your cabinet doors and hinges. Additionally, how much you want to spend on your kitchen renovation plays a huge factor in deciding to upgrade your cabinet doors. Homestead Cabinet doors offers you two types of doors for painted kitchen cabinets.

The most basic door comes from hard core mdf. This type of door lasts a long time, does not swell, and crack at the joints as wood doors do. Furthermore, they cost less than wood doors.

The other option for paint grade doors consist of a door with a wooden frame, and an mdf center. Both types of doors hold up very well to the wear and tear in any kitchen.

Paint Options For Cabinet Doors

Homestead Cabinet Design offers you the option of buying them unfinished or primed and ready for final coat. Additionally, we offer them primed and sprayed in the top coat color of your choice. Moreover, this gives you that glossy smooth finish that only comes from being professionally sprayed.

Since cabinet doors cover most of your cabinet face, they also show the most, as soon as you have imperfections in the painting process. Thus, deciding to get them professionally sprayed while you prep and paint the face frame makes a lot of sense. This gives you a very professional finished product, while cutting a lot of cost for you, especially compared to hiring someone to repaint/reface the whole cabinets.

We match the exact color you use for your cabinet face, as long as you go with any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin williams paint. Furthermore, we paint grade Milesi paints with added hardeners, ensuring that your doors dry to a harder finish. This gives your doors the best top coat you can give them, along with ensuring that your paint job lasts longer than it would using typical cabinet paint.

New Cabinet Shelves

Are kitchen cabinet shelves sagging because they were crafted from cheap particle board and have seen their share of weight? Replace them with brand new plywood maple shelves, with a real maple veneer on the edge. This transforms your cupboard, allowing you to organize your kitchen as you wish, instead of needing to organize according the weight of your kitchen items. How very freeing!!

Brand new shelves add so much value to your storage space! Additionally, they install very easily. Most times they pop right out. At times, they have a small tab at the top holding the shelf in place that needs to be removed. After removing the clip, take out the old shelf and replace with your brand new shelf. Viola! You now have brand new storage area in your cupboards!


Hinges and hardware are the easiest upgrades to add to your cabinets. Soft close hinges add tremendous value to your existing kitchen. After installing soft close hinges, your doors no longer close with a bang. Instead, they glide shut and softly close, using hydraulic mechanisms to keep them from slamming shut.

Soft close hinges replace any standard hinge mounted on your existing kitchen cabinets. They come in three types: surface mount, semi concealed, and fully concealed hinges. Check out our comprehensive blog on soft close hinges to learn the what type of hinge you should be installing in your cabinets.


New hardware adds a beautiful finished touch to your kitchen upgrade. You find many options on the market, in a brick and mortar store, or online. Basically, you need to decide if you want to go with hardware that uses the existing holes in your doors and drawer fronts or if you want something totally different.

If you decide to go with a new style of hardware, and are keeping your existing cabinet doors, you need to putty the holes shut with a good wood filler, and sand them smooth before starting to paint the doors. However, if you decide to go with new doors, you can choose any new hardware, without worrying about the existing holes in your cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Without a doubt, dismantling and installing your cabinet doors, shelves, hinges and hardware saves you a lot of money! Definitely, this depends on your available time, how much time you wish to have your kitchen in disarray, along with the patience and perseverance you as an individual want to spend in redoing your kitchen. However, if you wish to keep the costs of your kitchen renovations down, definitely think of doing as much of the simple dismantling and installing yourself, as possible.

5 Upgrades For Those With More Experience in DIY Kitchen Projects

Five upgrades that require more skilled precision work include: 1. Taking out and installing new drawer boxes. 2. Installing soft close slides in existing drawer boxes. 3. Changing out shelves for shelf rollouts. 4. Adding Moldings to the tops of your cabinets. 5. Professionally finishing the back and sides of your island or kitchen bar.

Installing Brand New Drawer Boxes In Your Kitchen Cabinets

Are your kitchen drawers falling apart? Possibly they comprise of thin flake board sides. Think of upgrading to brand new solid wood dovetailed drawer boxes, for maximum strength and durability! They hold a tremendous amount of kitchen and pantry staples without breaking.

Additionally, our dovetailed drawer boxes come totally assembled, making the swap much easier for you! For detailed information on new drawer box options and organizing ideas, check out our comprehensive blog on cabinet drawers.

Soft Close Slides

Soft close slides replace most drawer slides. However you need to check your existing drawers for the right style of slide. Since soft close slides come in side mount and bottom mount. For brand new drawers we recommend the bottom mount soft close slides. However, if you keep your current drawer boxes, you need to use side mount soft close drawers if that is what your drawers currently use.

Upgrading to soft close slides makes a tremendous difference in the feel of your kitchen. No longer do your drawers close with a bang. With soft close slides, they glide shut to a certain point, then a hydraulic mechanism takes over, and slowly pulls them shut, just as the soft close hinges work. The silence is beautiful after having regular slides in your kitchen.

Furthermore, your drawers always shut right. You no longer have them shutting lopsidedly, or not ending up shutting properly. Nor will you pinch someone’s fingers because of slamming drawers.

Soft close slides are more difficult to mount than soft close hinges on cabinet doors. However with a little practice, you gain the expertise needed to change out the slides, and you will never regret making the change. Homestead Cabinet Design offers you step by step instructions on installing them yourself.

Kitchen Cabinet Roll Outs

Kitchen cabinet roll outs are made the same as an all wood dove tailed drawer. However, they are usually only 2 1/2 to 3″s deep. They become mounted to the inside of your cabinets where your shelves formerly were. Most times people use two of them per cabinet door, however you have the option of adding as many or as few as you wish!

Roll outs totally eliminate the need for digging things out of the back of your cupboards. Imagine no more bending way over to find something in the far recesses of your cupboards! Indeed, they bring everything in the cupboard out to you instead of being stuffed back into the cupboards! Additionally, they offer you two full shelves instead of only one small shelf toward the back half of the cabinet as most cabinets have.

Definitely, roll outs make incredible additions to your kitchen for a very affordable price! They add valuable storage and lovely organization to any kitchen! Usually, they come made to be adjustable to maximize your specific kitchen cabinet storage needs. Additionally, below you see how roll outs come in a huge variety of styles and sizes. Indeed, they can be customized to fit any cabinet size and style!

kitchen cabinet roll outs for cabinets

Crown Molding

Crown molding adds a beautifully finished touch top any kitchen. Basically it consists of adding a piece of trim all along the top edge of your kitchen cabinets. However, it does take expertise to get the angles cut properly and then installed. The process is very similar to putting up regular trim, although this gets installed on an angle. The corners need to be cut on 45 degree angles and butted together tightly before pin nailing together.

white painted kitchen

Professionally Upgrade the Back and Sides of Your Kitchen Island and Bar

Professionally upgrading the back of your kitchen island or bar is not for the faint of heart dIY-er. However if you have acquired quite a bit of skill and expertise, or just want to try your hand at a challenging project, upgrading your island back adds visual appeal and beauty to your kitchen. Indeed, it brings tremendous value to your kitchen!

First you want to make a frame work for the back and sides of your island from strips of 1″ paint grade maple, or the species of wood you want to use for the island back.

To begin with, measure your island back and divide the back into two, three, or four equal sections. make a frame with that many openings. It will resemble window frame, with open sections for the plywood, thus giving it a shaker style look. Next, cut and install sheets of paint grade maple plywood or the species of wood you are using onto the back of your frame. Now you are ready to paint/stain it in your color choice!

manufacturing kitchen island backs out of recycled oak cabinets

Proceed to prep, prime, and paint as you do for your kitchen cabinets. Preferably, lay it flat to paint to minimize runs.

prepping and painting massive island

Repeat this procedure for the sides of your kitchen island or bar.

To install the frame onto the back and sides of your island, pin nail it onto the back of your current island.

For a streamlined finished look, add a toe kick around the bottom of your island painted/stained in the same color as your island. Thus beautifully accenting and making your island a beautiful central focal point in your kitchen! For step by step instructions on completing this, check out the beautiful massive island we built from old oak cabinets from Craigslist for a client!

Below you see an island we refinished for a client with cherry wood in the same fashion. Except here, we used stained wood instead of paint grade maple.

cherry kitchen

Homestead Cabinet Design Offers You Step By Step Help With Your Kitchen Renovation!

Homestead Cabinet Design offers you a step by step guide to achieving that beautiful professional finish when painting your own kitchen cabinets. Additionally, we offer you one stop options for kits with wood fillers, sanding pads in differing grits, gloves, and the very same rollers and brushes that professionals use!

For more information about our services click here.

Contact Raymond today at Homestead Cabinet Design for an in-depth plan of action for your kitchen upgrades! We help you with ideas, paint options, and storage options for your own kitchen! With a free consultation, you feel actual sample doors and hardware. Give us a try TODAY!!

Call or text Raymond at:


Or, email me for a personal, fast quote at:


Our mission is to help you upgrade your kitchen, ensuring that you end up with spectacular results for the kitchen of your dreams!!

Additionally, as an insured contractor in MA and CT, we always guarantee our work. Furthermore, we have resources for paint, paint supplies, new cabinet doors, dovetailed drawer boxes, slides, hinges, and hardware for you in a fast and timely manner.

Moreover, if you wish to tackle this project yourself, contact us! We specialize in helping homeowners find the resources to do as much of the kitchen upgrade process themselves- all in one convenient package! Allow us to walk you through the process of taking your kitchen from blah to absolutely stunning!!

Any color, any size- you choose! Again, we match any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color sample, if you choose to have us professionally, spray paint your doors for you. Additionally, we have many door styles for your to choose from!

paint and cabinet door samples

Still not sure what color you want for your kitchen cabinets? Order a pack of some popular trending colors today!

special color samples

oak cabinets re-purposed to massive island

Massive Island From Old Oak Cabinets!

oak cabinets re-purposed to massive island

Do you wonder what can be done with old oak cabinets? Is there a way to recycle and reuse the once popular cabinets for other purposes around the house, such as a kitchen island? How could you accomplish this? Additionally, where do you find some?

In this post Homestead Cabinet Design shows you step by step how to make a massive kitchen island out of old oak cabinets. Much good can be said for the strength and durability of old oak cabinets.

Truly, these cabinets make ideal cabinets to re-purpose into oodles of other projects, namely because of their strength and durability. Additionally, you can find them reasonably cheap anywhere. Just check out your local Craigslist or Facebook Market place! You find them everywhere for a fraction of the cost of brand new cabinets.

Most times they are structurally very sound. However, they yellow with age, and become very dated and dreary looking. Thus, after awhile most owners become ready to upgrade to painted cabinets, or the warmer hues of maple, cherry, or even red birch.

Furthermore, by taking them apart into the separate cabinet boxes that they originally came in, these cabinets then fit together in any order that works for you, specifically! You are not locked into using them in the same order/format that the original owners used them in. Moreover, if you have limited space, you do not even need to use all the cabinets that come with your set. Ultimately, with a little work, made-to-order cabinets for your space become a reality!!

Old Oak Cabinets For Massive Island

Below you see old oak cabinets that came from Craigslist, no less. As mentioned above, these came for a fraction of the cost of new kitchen cabinets! Using ingenuity, along with years of experience of working with cabinets, Homestead Cabinet Design transformed these yellowed, aged, and dated oak cabinets to a beautiful massive island! Read on to see how!

old oak cabinets

Re-purposing Old Oak Cabinets Into Massive Island

The first step to re-purposing these old oak cabinets involved the normal steps for repainting any used kitchen cabinets. Absolutely, we took the time to thoroughly clean, fill all holes, and sand them.

When applying all this time and effort into transforming old oak cabinets cabinets to a beautiful stunning island, you do not want the paint to fail. Especially not anytime in the near foreseeable future, all because you did not spend enough time with the prep work!! For step by step directions to do this yourself, check out our blog on painting old oak cabinets.

Island Backs And Sides Constructed

How did we build the island backs and sides from old oak cabinets? First of all, we made a frame the size of the island back. In this case it was huge- 5′ long! Because of its size, we built one huge frame for the back, dividing it equally into 4 sections with paint grade maple dividers.

As seen below, to make the island back look like a Shaker style panel, we cut the old oak refrigerator panels into the sizes needed to fit the frame. Following this, we inserted them into the back of the open spaces or “windows” in the frame. After inserting these cut up refrigerator panels into the frame, we could prime and paint them just like any other modern Shaker panels. All this came from old oak cabinets, with the only added expense of paint grade maple for the “frame”!

Additionally, the sides of the island were manufactured in the same way.

refridgerator panels recycled for island sides and backs

Painting And Prepping For Installation

To begin with, we sanded and prepped all the surfaces. Since the cabinets and parts of the island surrounds came from used cabinets, we needed to apply all the normal steps in repainting old cabinets:

  • First, strip all the hardware.
  • Next, clean thoroughly with TSP.
  • Thirdly, fill in all cracks and dings with wood filler.
  • Finally, sand carefully.

After finishing those steps, and applying the primer coat of Milesi primer, everything needed another light sanding. Following this, we applied the final coat of Milesi Pewter Gray to the cabinet boxes, and the island side and back surrounds. As you see, the island back was massive. Between the back and the sides, they took up almost the whole length of our shop!!

prepping and painting massive island


Following this, we took the cabinets and the island surrounds to the clients house. We took much care to install the cabinets correctly, making sure that the cabinets sat level. Furthermore, we wanted all the doors and drawers to close properly. This client chose to upgrade to new door and drawer handles, which she did not have at the time of installation, so watch our blog to see the finished product in a few weeks.

If you look closely, you see that she did not use the cabinets in the same order that the former owners did. As mentioned above, this is the beauty of re-purposing old cabinets, making them new-for-you, all while making them work for you, in your space!

Furthermore, you see that this island top will be massive. Thus, we made the sides of the island wide enough accommodate this, creating a false open section in the middle, by making the side panels wider than normal. However, this extra width gives her lots of elbow room while prepping and serving meals. Imagine the counter space she gained by adding some extra width to her island!!

Additionally, we added smooth painted trim all the way around the edge. This helped to give the island an anchored, finished look, adding to the simple streamlined appeal of the Shaker panels.

Installing massive island

Installed and ready for the granite top! Keep watching for the final photos of this massive island. We hope to show you the finished product as soon as it is finished!

Want New Cabinet Doors And Drawers?

This client chose to cut costs by keeping all the former door hinges and slides since they were in good working condition. She also kept the original doors, even though new soft close drawer slides and hinges always come as an option, anytime you upgrade any cabinet. Additionally, brand new doors could come as part of the package, if you wish! However, you want to keep in mind that this puts the price up.

Want Help Designing And Installing Your Newly Refurbished Kitchen Island?

We have many cost effective options for you to choose from. Without a doubt, we help our customers find the right kitchen island for their budget. We help make your kitchen right for YOU in the most cost effective way, without sacrificing strength and durability. Basically, your budget decides the limit on your choices! Truly, the sky is the limit, when choosing a kitchen island that is right for your needs and wishes.

Furthermore, we have many options of cabinet and door styles available for you to actually feel the silky, smooth finish. Moreover, you may even wish to add more upgrades than this client did. Perhaps you wish for soft close slides and hinges for your doors, or brand new doors. These are all options that come with any and every cabinet design and modification we offer! Just ask!

Homestead Cabinet Design Services

For more information about our services click here.

Contact Raymond today at Homestead Cabinet Design for an in-depth plan of action for that new kitchen island! We will be happy to help you with ideas, paint options, and storage options! You can feel actual sample doors and hardware. Give us a try TODAY!!

Call or text Raymond at:


Or, email me for a personal, fast quote at:


Our mission is to help you upgrade your kitchen, ensuring that you end up with spectacular results for the kitchen of your dreams!!

As an insured contractor in MA and CT, we always guarantee our work. Additionally, we have resources for new cabinet doors for you in a fast and timely manner!!

Any color, any size- you choose! Again, we match any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color sample. Additionally, we have many door styles for your to choose from!

paint and cabinet door samples

Order a pack of some popular trending colors today!

special color samples
soft close concealed hinge

Cabinet Hinges- Advice From The Pros!

Hinges come in many different types:

  • Self close
  • Soft close
  • Free swinging
  • Surface mount
  • Semi concealed
  • Concealed

If you are looking to replace your cabinet hinges, the first thing to do is determine the overlay of the door on the hinge side. There are few ways to do this – measure the width of the cabinet opening, and then measure the door width. Subtract the 2 for the total overlay for that door. Divide that by 2 to get the overlay for one side. For example, if the door opening width measures 18 inches and the door width is 19 inches, you know there is a half inch overlay on each side. You can double check this by taking a pencil and marking where the edge of the door lies on the cabinet. remove the door and measure the distance from the edge of the opening to your mark.

All hinges must be ordered according to their overlays. Every hinge is built for a specific overlay, so be sure to check availability of that specific size, especially if you want to change to a different type of hinge.

Self Closing Cabinet Hinges Verses Soft Closing

The difference between self-close and soft-close is this – self-close uses a spring type mechanism that pulls the door in place. There is no need for a latch or magnet as the hinge keeps the door tight against the cabinet. However, these do not close softly. They will still close with a bang.

On the other hand, soft close hinges are concealed behind the door, and do not work as a regular door hinge. Rather, after pushing the door shut, they have a mechanism inside the hinge that brings the door to a partial close.

Following this, the hydraulics inside the door hinge take over, and the door softly and slowly glides shut. You cannot bang doors with soft close cabinet hinges, as so often happens with self close hinges! This is a relatively new design found on most newer kitchens.

With free swinging hinges, you need to shut them all the way yourself. Often, they have a magnet installed inside the cupboard frame, to catch and snap the door shut.

Surface Mount Cabinet Hinges

Surface mount hinges mount to the outside of the cabinet frame and over top of the door. These are usually decorative hinges for a more rustic or traditional look. Semi-concealed hinges are visible on the edge of the door, but wrap around the inside of the door instead of on the face.

rustic self close hinges
rustic farmhouse style kitchen

Semi Concealed Self Close Hinges

semi concealed soft close hinges on white painted kitchen

Fully Concealed Hinges

Fully concealed hinges, also called “European style” hinges use a round 35mm hole in the back of the door for mounting the hinge. The rest of the hinge is then tucked behind the door, either mounted to the face or insed edge of the face of the cabinet.

Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Soft close hinges ensure that your kitchen doors close quietly and smoothly every single time you use that door! Your kitchen cabinet doors will never again slam shut when you upgrade to soft close hinges. Instead of banging shut as other self closing hinges do, soft close hinges glide shut to a certain point, before easing to a closed position with hydraulic mechanisms.

With soft close hinges, you need not remind your children to be careful when closing your cabinet doors. Neither will they bang shut and scratch your cabinets every time you close them, thus extending the life of your kitchen cabinets.

You definitely will not regret upgrading to soft close hinges! If for no other reason, it definitely saves on the wear and tear on your kitchen. Not to mention the lovely peace and quiet that results in a kitchen when the doors shut quietly and gently, verses banging shut every single time that you close a cabinet door!

Modern shaker style, full overlay doors use fully concealed hinges. These hinges mount inside the cabinet frame, and inside the cabinet door. Moreover, this allows the cabinet hinge to totally hide inside the cabinet door. Thus, leaving a clean smooth line of doors behind, with no hinges cluttering up the fronts of your kitchen cabinets! For more info on Shaker style doors check out our blog on Shaker doors.

shaker cherry kitchen

Can Soft Close Hinges Be adjusted?

Definitely! Soft close hinges come with a three way adjustment- moving the cabinet door up and down, in and out, and left to right, to fit your cabinet. Along with that, the soft close hinge allows for a light, or heavy soft close movement. A professional can easily make these adjustments for you.

Additionally, soft close hinges come in a variety of brands. Among the best of them are Blum, Salice, and Grass. These use a heavy duty hydraulic system, and will take a maximum amount of wear and tear. Additionally, their smooth, whisper-soft closing adds grace and beauty to any kitchen!

Can You Put Soft Close Cabinet Hinges On Old Cabinets?

Definitely! As long as there is enough overlay on the door on the face of the cabinet, it can be done. Lipped doors will need a different hinge than regular overlay doors. Check the overlap of the door on the hinge side, and be sure to order the correct hinge for that overlay. You will need to drill new holes on the back side of the cabinet doors to accommodate the new hinge.

However, if your cabinet doors are showing their age, you may want to upgrade by adding new doors. This along with new hardware beautifully updates any kitchen. For more info on refacing, check out our blog on refacing.

Do Soft Close Hinges Wear Out?

As with all things with mechanical parts, soft close hinges can eventually wear out. Especially, when you think of the thousands of times a cabinet door hinge is used even in a year’s time, it is only reasonable to think that in 20-30 years, they may eventually wear out. However, using the best of the best ensures you the peace of mind, that they last you a lifetime! You will not regret upgrading to soft close hinges- giving you the peace and quiet of soft close hinges in your own kitchen!

Bumper pads- Do They Help?

Bumper pads are those small vinyl or felt pads used on the corners of your doors to also minimize any scratching of your newly finished cupboards. They save your cupboards from any scratching or nicking from closing doors. Bumper pads help in keeping your cupboards in tip top condition!

Can We Help You Update Your Kitchen?

Contact Raymond today at Homestead Cabinet Design for an in-depth plan of action for those new kitchen cabinet hinges! We will be happy to help you with ideas for upgrading your current kitchen cabinets! You can feel actual sample doors and hardware. Give us a try TODAY!!

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Our mission is to help you upgrade your kitchen, ensuring that you end up with spectacular results for the kitchen of your dreams!!

corner cabinet drawers

Cabinet Drawers- Absolute Best Organizers!

Do you have old cabinet drawers? Are they falling apart? Is your kitchen structurally sound, however the drawers need some TLC? On the other, possibly you have good solid drawers, yet need help to organize those cluttered and overflowing kitchen cupboards? Homestead Cabinet Design has many options to streamline your kitchen, giving you a beautiful organized work space to cook and prepare food for family and friends!

Regardless if you have a small kitchen where every square inch needs to be accounted for, or if your kitchen is large and spacious; well placed organizers go a long way to creating order out of chaos. Most times, kitchens just need some tender loving care. Possibly, the drawers may be falling apart, along with the slides needing repaired. The use of well placed upgrades such as rebuilt cabinet drawers and new soft close slides restores your kitchen to beautiful and functional!

Family and friends gather round in the kitchen whenever food preparations are in progress. Somehow, it seems like the kitchen holds a special magnet for everyone! Is it any wonder therefore, when the kitchen becomes the hub of your home? However, when your kitchen cabinets become cluttered and in disarray, it becomes equally hard to implement efficiency. Let alone enjoy having them with you!

Homestead Cabinet Design offers you brilliant organizing ideas to de-clutter and stream line your kitchen. With the help of some well placed drawers and organizers, your kitchen becomes a haven of rest and beauty for you to work in!

Can Cabinet Drawers be Replaced?

Absolutely! Broken drawers cause a lot of grief through lost storage space, stuck slides, and broken handles. However, these problems need not plague you for the rest the time in your home. These problems have definite solutions!

New cabinet boxes built to the size of your openings come in three types: the all wood dovetail drawers, doweled corner drawers and stapled together particle drawers.

All Wood Dovetail Drawer Boxes

All wood dovetail drawer boxes last a long time. First of all, because the sides of the drawer consist of all solid wood. Solid wood expands very little when exposed to water as melamine and particle board do, therefore giving a much more solid base to work with. Undoubtedly, water will come in contact with your kitchen drawers over time!

What’s more, solid wood drawer boxes hold together much much longer. As you see, the corners of your all wood drawers get notched crosswise. Along with that, they cut one end of the notch wider than the other (likewise called dovetailed). Thus ensuring that the corners fit snugly into each other, while creating a strong bond.

After all the cutting and notching, they snap together much as old log cabins used to be fitted together. On top of that, strong wood glue holds the notches together tightly. This prevents the drawer box from wiggling apart, the bottom from falling out, and creating instant chaos!

Along with that, solid wood drawers come built as a separate box before the face frame of the drawer is attached to it. This reinforces the drawer, giving it much extra support! Definitely, all wood dovetailed drawers hold the top position of quality standards in the kitchen drawer market!

corner cabinet solid wood drawer

As the name suggests solidly built wood drawers take on a lot of weight, and tough wear and tear. They last a lifetime! Moreover, solid wood drawers come in any size you want, replacing any or all of your sad, worn out drawers in your current kitchen cabinets.

Dowel Drawer Boxes

In dowel drawer boxes, dowel joints reinforce the corner of a drawer. These dowels (small wooden pins) first become glued onto the one side of the drawer. Then they snugly fit into the other side of the drawer, to hold the corner of the drawer together.

The doweled drawers most often come with the cheaper melamine or particle board drawers you find in kitchens from. Definitely this cheaper option breaks apart much sooner than solid wood drawer boxes. Often these drawers need replaced many times in the lifetime of one all wood solid drawer box.

Stapled Together Particle Board Kitchen Drawers

Stapled together particle board drawers consist of just that- stapled together particle board! These drawers definitely come in line as the cheapest kitchen drawer on the market. Most often they do not even have a separate drawer front. In these kitchen drawers, the drawer front attaches right to the drawer box, with no separate box.

The face frame becomes the extra strength holding the drawer together, however with all the wear and tear kitchen drawers incur, they soon pull apart! These drawers typically only last a few short years, when they break apart, even a professional has a hard time fixing them!!

Soft Close Slides

Need new slides? Soft close slides ensure that your kitchen drawers close quietly and smoothly every single time you use that drawer! Your kitchen cabinet drawers will never again slam shut when you upgrade to soft close slides. Instead of banging shut as other self closing slides do, soft close slides glide shut to a certain point, before easing to a closed position with hydraulic mechanisms.

Along with that, they stay on track, totally eliminating the aggravating frustration of putting your drawer back on track, again. In that way, they make the ideal replacement slides.

Typically, soft close slides replace any drawer slide in any kitchen with very minimal work. They definitely add value to every kitchen! The quietness they close with is music to the ears. You can actually work in your kitchen without the noise of banging cabinet doors and drawers.

Top Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Kitchen drawer organizers fill a very vital roll in any clean and clutter-free kitchen. Most of these options smoothly streamline a kitchen with very little modification of your present cabinet drawers. They come custom built, so fit into your existing cabinet drawers.

Corner Cabinet Drawers

In your renovations, think of replacing a decrepit lazy susan with a solid wood three drawer base. In contrast to a lazy susan, no kitchenware ever flies out of your drawers, getting lost in the farthest recesses of your cupboard. On top of that, you now have three levels to store kitchenware in, instead of only two. Without a doubt, you gain storage space with corner drawers instead of losing space, in addition to ending all scavenger hunts for lost items!

corner cabinet drawers

Deluxe Silverware Drawer

Deluxe silverware drawers consist of 1/2″ solid wood pieces throughout. Along with that, dovetailed corners create a solid, heavy duty drawer that hold a ton of silverware. On top of that, the top mounts to the bottom with heavy duty soft close slides that snap into place and stay shut until you release the holding mechanism by gently squeezing the two drawers together. Obviously, that’s heavier built than some drawer boxes out there!

The deluxe silverware drawer organizer needs a deeper drawer than other silverware organizers. Furthermore, it stores twice the amount of silverware! With this special organizer, all your silverware neatly stores in one convenient location. Clearly, you should never have to hunt for silverware again, while utilizing this nifty deluxe silverware drawer.

solid wood, dovetailed double layer deluxe silverware drawer

Universal Storage/Single Layer Silverware Drawer

This all wood silverware drawer also stores silverware, however it only holds one layer of silverware. This storage unit costs a bit less, since the dividers are made of 3/8″ wood instead of half inch. They also fit right into your existing drawer, so they may or may not come with sides, however you specify. Also, since the wood pieces are thinner, glue and pin nails hold them together, instead of dovetailed corners. However their strong, sturdy durability lasts you a lifetime!

These sets come in a basic size, giving you the freedom to use multiple ones in a large drawer, side by side. Do you have a narrow drawer? Then, trim it to fit your drawer.

They also make ideal organizers for utensils, measuring cups, measuring spoons, whisks, along with all the baking paraphernalia that becomes one grand mess without dividers. In addition, saran wrap, aluminum foil, lunch baggies, and a host of other things needing organization, work well with these dividers. Remember that cluttered container and lid drawer? These make ideal dividers for that also!! Every kitchen needs a few of these well placed dividers. They truly bring order out of chaos!

solid wood silverware/kitchenware organizer

Cabinet Rollouts

Cabinet roll-outs are handcrafted from solid wood. Basically, they consist of a cabinet drawer box on slides, mounted inside your existing cabinets. As with the drawer boxes, these roll-outs hold together with tight dovetail joints. They last a long time, despite a lot of wear and tear. These solidly built roll-outs also hold considerable weight, especially when paired with the heavy duty self close slides. Indeed, you need not worry about overloading them right away!!

These roll-outs make beautiful additions to any cupboard! Along with that, they come custom built. So you upgrading any or all of your kitchen cupboards that have shelves becomes a breeze! Imagine no longer having to bend way down to find those appliances, kettles, lids, and anything else that finds its way to the far recesses of your cupboard!

Along with that, you get to pull each rolling shelf out separately, ultimately making it much easier for you. Furthermore, you never have to reach back in to get anything in your cupboards. For older people, or those with back issues, this becomes an asset really fast! Moreover, they adjust up and down, allowing you to customize them to fit your space, however that works for you!

solid wood cabinet shelf-out
solid wood shelf roll-out

Additionally, roll-outs make excellent pantry shelves. They conveniently bring all your pantry goods right out to you anytime you need something. Not only does this clean up all clutter, it also helps you keep everything neatly organized, and in order. Furthermore they adjust up and down, allowing you to customize them to fit your space, however that works for you!

solid wood roll out pantry shelves

More Ways To Organize Kitchen Drawers

Organizing your kitchen cabinets and drawers can be a monumental and exhausting job. However with a little help, having an organized kitchen becomes a joy to work in! We have quite a few upgrades available to help you bring order out of chaos. Below we will show you options to integrate into almost any kitchen with a little modifications. These do require you to get new drawer boxes, however, the freedom from clutter makes it so worth while!

Below we will discuss some more options. Basically, they are made in the same way as cabinet roll-out. However since they mount onto a cabinet door, they are called pull-outs instead of roll-outs.

Cabinet Drawer Pull-outs

As with the all wood shelf roll-outs, cabinet drawer pull-outs are handcrafted from solid wood. These also consist of a cabinet drawer box on slides, mounted inside your existing cabinets. As with the drawer boxes, these roll-outs hold together with tight dovetail joints. They last a long time, despite a lot of wear and tear. These solidly built pull-outs also hold considerable weight, especially when paired with the heavy duty self close slides.

Cabinet pull-outs come in quite a few different shapes and sizes. They become fastened to a door/drawer front, as the trash can, spice, and bake ware pullout. All of these handy pullouts upgrade your kitchen, adding beautifully organized space! Just think! No more unsightly overflowing trash can setting in your kitchen! Along with that, no more heavy bake ware falling out of your cupboards! The spice pullout can be modified in so many ways to utilize space also.

Trash Can Pullout

A trash can pullout adds significant flair. This upgrade totally eliminates unsightly trash cans out in the open. Rather, they hide behind a clean cabinet door. Any kitchen cabinet door that measures 10″s accommodates a single trash can. Additionally, any cabinet 16”s wide modifies easily to fit a double trash can pull-out as shown below.

Ideally, a trash can pullout fits into an island very nicely. The extra width of the island allows you space to add a section behind the trash cans for your rolls of trash bags, killing two birds with one stone!

single file trash pull out

Below you see a cabinet that was modified to only fit one trash can. Even this makes a huge difference in your kitchen! With the single trash can, you only need a 10″ wide cabinet to accommodate this upgrade.

Along with a trash can pullout, think of adding a butcher block cutting board right above the trash can. This takes the place of a drawer or another roll-out. Be sure to order a hole cut into it, efficiently allowing you to get rid of all scraps right away, also! Absolutely, you need never to invest in another cutting board. Moreover, when you finish using it, it efficiently moves out of the way, thus freeing counter and drawer space.

single trash can with butcher block top

Baking Pans Storage Unit

Baking pans pullouts come in various sizes. Additionally, any existing deep cabinet space modifies easily to fit a bake-ware storage unit. Ideally, you want to use a space that is deep enough for your baking pans and cookie sheets. Remember that bake-ware pullouts store all those baking trays vertically, instead of horizontally, thus giving you the freedom of using the horizontal space they used before more efficiently.

baking pans storage unit

As you see, bake-ware pullouts fit tall and shorter doors, thus making ideal additions to almost any kitchen cupboard!

Spice Pullouts

Spice pullouts come in a wide variety of sizes. This makes it easy to slip them in small places between a stove and other cabinets. They especially fill a valuable storage place for spices, oils, and utensils. Furthermore, some people use them beside their sinks for soaps, dishwasher detergents, scrubbies, bottle brushes, and cleaners. Thus freeing their sink cabinet of clutter!!

These shelves adjust to your personal needs, making it easy for you to customize them to your special needs.

all wood spice pull-out

As was mentioned above, these spice pullouts also make wonderful additions beside your sink cabinets in your kitchen. Imagine having your kitchen soaps, dishwasher detergent, scrubbies, and brushes all handily tucked into a pull-out beside your sink!! Thus totally eliminating the clutter that so often finds its way under your sink kitchen cabinet.

beside the sink pull-out for dish soaps, hand towels, etc

Above you see a pullout modified to fit drying tea towels. This also works well.

Can We Help You Create the Kitchen Drawers of Your Dreams?

As you see, the sky is the limit! Your imagination and ingenuity coupled with spectacular space saving devices such as these help you achieve that clutter-free kitchen of your dreams!!

Contact Raymond today at Homestead Cabinet Design for an in-depth plan of action for that new kitchen storage! We will be happy to help you with ideas, drawer options, and storage options! You can feel actual sample doors and hardware. Give us a try TODAY!!

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Our mission is to help you upgrade your kitchen, ensuring that you end up with spectacular results for the kitchen of your dreams!!

I am an insured contractor in MA and CT. Our work is guaranteed, and we can have new cabinet drawers and organizers for you in a fast and timely manner!!

cabinet door options and colors

Cabinet Doors- Advice From The Experts!

Is your kitchen showing its age? Do you long to update your existing kitchen? Perhaps you’ve browsed through various cabinet door styles online, or actual kitchen showrooms, however the possibilities are endless and overwhelming. From the timeless lines of Shaker cabinet doors, to slab doors; from full overlay or partial overlay doors; to inset doors, the possibilities can be staggering. At Homestead Cabinet Design, we help you wade through these questions, and many more. Here is some advice from an expert.

We will be more than happy to help you resource good quality custom cabinet doors. We have a huge selection of custom doors for your tired, dated kitchen and bathroom, for you to choose from! Our specialty is customizing cabinet doors to your needs. Do you need paint grade doors? We have those options as well. With our help, upgrading your kitchen to a hickory, birch, maple kitchen, or any other wood species becomes totally manageable!! For more information on refacing your kitchen check out our blog on refacing.

For a serious DIYer, changing out your cabinet doors is actually one of the easier projects to tackle. Switching to full overlay doors creates a seamless, modern, and contemporary look in your kitchen. This makes an amazing difference in the look and feel of your kitchen!

Along with that, you decide how much of the kitchen renovation process you want to tackle. If you need quality unfinished doors, and only need a resource, just call! If you have the means to paint your own doors, check out our blog on painting kitchen cabinets for detailed instructions.

If you want painted cabinets, but do not have the equipment to give the doors that smooth glossy finish, Homestead Cabinet Design has the proper equipment to help you with this. Perhaps you want a professional to do everything for you; again, we will help you! We help all our clients beautifully finish their kitchen cabinets from a-z. Nothing is too small.

Along with that, remember that door sizes and hinges are related, so replacing your cabinet doors will determine what style hinges you use.  

Oak kitchen refaced with modern mfd Shaker doors.
Swapping out the doors and hardware makes an amazing difference in a tired, dated kitchen!!

 Common Materials Used For Cabinet Doors

Common materials used for cabinet doors are solid wood doors, MDF composite doors, and Rigid Thermofoil doors. Each one has its own pros and cons as you can see below.

What is a Solid Wood Cabinet Door?

Solid wood doors are manufactured from hard or soft wood species, most often birch, maple, oak, pine, or even hickory. Solid wood doors come in two types- one is the totally solid wood doors for that authentic wood look. However, some wood doors also come as a frame with an mdf insert in the middle. This is a budget friendly, good quality option for those who want a cheaper door, yet want a real wood door.

Pros and Cons of Wood Cabinet Doors

Wood doors definitely have their pros and cons. If you want to see the beauty of the wood and will not be painting your doors, by all means, go with solid wood doors. Solid wood doors add timeless beauty to every kitchen and bathroom.

However, if you want to a painted door, use something with an MDF panel. The reason for using MDF, is that it won’t contract or expand like real wood. The panels in doors are usually free floating, with tiny rubber spacers inside to keep the panel from rattling. But wood panels do move, and if you paint these, you may see thin lines all around the inside edge of the door frames when the panel contracts and pulls away from the frame..

What Are MDF Cabinet Doors?

MDF doors are made of engineered wood – Medium Density Fiberboard. These may have a wood frame with an MDF panel in the center, or they may be completely MDF.

A one-piece MDF door can be routed in the center to look like a shaker or raised panel framed door, but it really is only one piece with no joints. For this reason MDF has become an increasingly popular resource for painted doors. Many designs can be routed into the surface of an MDF door.

MDF doors work very well when you are refacing/repainting your kitchen and need new doors, because your old ones need replacing. For more information on refacing check out our blog on refacing.

What IS An MDF Cabinet Door Made From?

MDF is manufactured by first breaking down hardwood or softwood into fine wood particles. Then the particles get glued together with wax and a resin binder. High temperatures and pressure forms these doors. MDF doors do not have a noticeable grain, making them an excellent choice for painted doors.

MDF shaker cabinet door- painted gray and glazed.
Gray Glazed Shaker Door

What Are The Pros and Cons of MDF Doors?

MDf doors have more budget friendly options than all wood doors, and has been the common material used for painted cabinet doors. Their stability comes from not having any glue joints to break apart. Neither do you have to worry about hairline cracks in the joints. Yet they are more cost effective than wood doors. This makes them a very good option for people who wish to upgrade their doors, and are painting their cabinets.

What is A Rigid ThermoFoil Cabinet Door?

Rigid Thermofoil cabinet doors look and feel very similar to MDF doors when they are new. They are manufactured from MDF and covered with a laminate foil. However, they bubble with high heat, making them a poor choice for high heat areas. RTF doors are very water resistant and easiy to clean, but once they develop a crack, or get a scratch, they absorb moisture, causing them to expand, making them repairable.

Cabinet Doors and Overlays

When choosing a door style, also consider the overlay of the door on the cabinet. You can take an older kitchen with small overlays (the distance the door edge overlays the cabinet face) and large spaces between the doors, and transform it to a modern full overlay look.

Full Overlay Cabinet Doors

Full overlay, means the face of the cabinet is mostly covered. The doors edges are brought close to the outside edges of the cabinet. Door gaps are also brought close together. This is called the reveal of the cabinet. generally with full overlay application, the reveal is between 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch from all edges and between doors.

Full overlay doors cost you substantially less than inset doors, albeit more than partial overlay doors. Plus you have more storage space, since they are not set inside the actual cabinet space. Full overlay doors do expand and contract, but they have space to move. This effectively eliminates the problem of humidity keeping you from opening and closing your kitchen cabinet doors!

Whit Shaker kitchen cabinets

Inset Cabinet Doors

Inset doors close flush with the cabinet frame. This type of door gives a sleek and smooth, contemporary appearance, however it comes with a price. Inset doors generally cost between 15-20% more than overlay doors. Along with that, since the doors are flush with the cabinets, you have less storage space for those large kitchen items.

One definite disadvantage of inset wood doors, is the normal expansion and contraction of wood. At times, wood cabinet doors expand so much in the heat and humidity of summer that you cannot close them all the way. This causes the doors to rub against the face frame of your cabinet as they open and close, scratching the surface of the doors and cabinet frame. In extreme cases, you may not be able to fully close the doors and drawers, especially in the heat and humidity of summer.

Kitchen with inset doors

Partial Overlay Doors

Partial overlay doors only partially cover the face of your cabinet, leaving a space of about 1-1 1/4″s between the doors/drawers. This style has been popular for many years, and is the most budget friendly of the three types of doors. Partial overlay cabinet doors do not need special hardware, since there is space beside the doors to open them. Definitely think of investing in them, if cost is a factor.

White kitchen upgraded with shaker doors
This kitchen shines as a result of the upgraded partially overlay-ed Shaker doors!

Styles of Cabinet Doors

Flat Recessed/Shaker Door

The recessed panel door consists of five pieces of wood. Basically, a frame of four strips of wood glued together as a picture frame, makes a border around the edge of the door. At times a simple or elaborate wood trim borders the inside edge of the cabinet door frame. However for that smooth, sleek look, most people opt out of adding a lot of extra moldings.

A flat panel inserted into the back side of the cabinet door, finishes off the door. The inside panel sits snugly in a slot inside the frame of the doors. Full inset and full overlay cabinet doors often use the Shaker style of door.

Shaker style doors, with their clean and simple, classic look, blend well with traditional or contemporary kitchens. Their straightforward lines are rising in popularity, because it fits well with a simple and uncluttered lifestyle.  Shaker style strongly appeals to many homeowners, because the fresh crisp look does not seem to go out of style.

Below is a picture of kitchen cabinets with brand new recessed panel Shaker doors!

cherry kitchen

Raised Panel Doors

The construction of partial overlay doors also consists of five pieces of wood- an inner raised panel, with a frame around the edges. At times, the inner raised panel is manufactured from MDF composite wood, and veneered to match the wood species that the frame of the door is manufactured from. The inside panel sits snugly in a slot inside the frame of the doors. Raised panel doors have been around for years and are quite strong and durable.

Cabinet Painting
See the transformation that white paint makes on raised panel kitchen cabinets!!

Flat panel and raised panel doors can also be made with an MDF center, and a wood frame. This is actually a cost effective door if you wish to upgrade your doors, and need a paint grade door that will last you for a long time.

Slab Doors

Just as their name suggests, slab doors are frame-less, therefore they are consist of one thin flat piece of wood or MDF. European styles have taken this style of door to a new level of modern, and contemporary. In this case, as can be seen below, the slab panel totally covers the face of the cabinet, creating a sleek frame-less cabinet look.

European Slab panel doors, manufactured from MDF composite materials.

Many 50’s and 60’s kitchens here in New England were made with slab doors made from plywood. You can retain the style by painting these or by adding wrought iron hardware and door handles for a vintage farmhouse style kitchen!

White painted kitchen with slab doors.
Lovely vintage kitchen with slab doors, repainted in white!!

At times, door makers become creative and make tongue and groove edges along the long edge of the strips of wood. They then glue the strips of wood together until they have a large enough slab of wood for the doors they need. Usually these doors need a strip of wood to hold them together. These strips of wood run along the top and bottom of the door on the backside of the door.

New slab doors today are made from MDF. The manufacturers use edge banding on all sides and to conceal the mdf composite edges.

Mullion Frame Doors

Mullion frame doors have a small frame inside the outer frame of the door. The vertical and horizontal bars or moldings divide the open door into panes, making the mullion door look like an old fashioned window pane. These doors have a solid wood frame around them. A glass panel sits snugly in a slot inside the frame of the doors. This glass panel sits behind the bars of the small inset wooden frame.

Mullion doors add very attractive, decorative spaces for wine coolers. Use them in spaces where you want to show off those heirloom china pieces or even to house lighting units above a row of upper cabinets. They will definitely make your kitchen seem more open and spacious! Mullion doors have many uses in a kitchen, buffet, or a bookshelf. Below, you see how mullion doors add space and openness to any kitchen space!

Upgraded kitchen with recessed shaker doors, mullion glass doors, and an aged island.

Open Frame Cabinet Doors

Similarly to mullion doors, open frame cabinet doors have no center panel. They consist of a single frame around the edge. Usually, these will have a routed edge for the glass panel to fit into also.

Aged china hutch with open frame glass door.
China hutch with open frame glass doors.

How Do I Create a Modern Contemporary Look in My Kitchen?

Are you looking for a modern, contemporary kitchen? Then install Shaker doors, along with contemporary hardware! These doors transform a kitchen from drab to gorgeous with their timeless simple appeal! Go with full overlay doors to really enhance the seamless beauty of a modern kitchen.

Shaker doors have a timeless, versatile look, making them a very popular choice for modern kitchens. Their simple down home, clean lines fit well into many kitchens- all the way from antique and farm style to contemporary, modern kitchens!!

As you can see in the pictures below, simply upgrading your cabinet doors and painting your kitchen cabinets makes an amazing difference in the feel and atmosphere of any kitchen!!!

green painted kitchen
50’s kitchen with plywood slab doors
50’s kitchen upgraded to shaker cherry doors

Can We Help You Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams?

Call us today at Homestead Cabinet Design to set up an appointment!! We will be more than happy to guide you to the perfect cabinet doors for your kitchen, and for your budget!!

Call Raymond at:


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Again, we have a large selection of doors for your kitchen cabinets. The sky is the limit. We will help you decide on the perfect style for your own kitchen!

Painted Cabinet doors
Door samples

Old Oak Cabinets? – Do This!

Do you have old oak cabinets? Are they worn and dated? Tired and shabby? Are you weary of those old oak kitchen cabinets that were so popular back in the day? Possibly they are even turning orange with age! So what can you do with them? First of all, don’t pitch them!!! Homestead Cabinet Design has amazing results with transforming them into modern looking kitchen cabinets!

Possibly your budget does not allow you to replace those old oak cabinets with new ones, especially, if those old oak cabinets are still ever so serviceable. Or maybe you really do love the way your kitchen is laid out, and you are just tired of its face. 😊

If so, think of refacing them. Refacing your old kitchen cabinets replaces those old oak cabinet doors and drawer fronts with brand new modern Shaker doors, thus instantly upgrading your kitchen!! You can also change your old oak cabinets to a different wood species if you desire! Changing all your  hardware and soft close drawer slides,  creates a whole new feel to your kitchen cabinets, also. This would cost you only a fraction of what you would spend if you were to totally replace them. When it comes to refacing, the possibilities are endless.

Or, perhaps you may want to think of refinishing them. Here you have the option of choosing any color of paint you desire, since the possibilities are wide open. You can choose to reuse the same hardware, or buy new ones. Want new soft close slides for your cabinet drawers? Absolutely! Upgrade! Another option is to paint the whole kitchen, and adding rubbed through edges, creating the timeless beauty of a farmhouse kitchen. A normal paint job can also be glazed for a beautiful rustic, country style kitchen!!

There are so many options of what to do with a perfectly functional kitchen that just needs a good dose of TLC. Below we will show you some of the amazing results that can be achieved with old oak cabinets.

Refacing Old Oak Cabinets?

Refacing is replacing those dated worn cabinet doors with other doors of your choice. If you are really wishing to change the style of your kitchen, refacing is a very good option. Yes, you really can have that shaker kitchen of your dreams, without changing anything else in your kitchen!!

Or possibly you still love the wood look in your kitchen, but are quite tired of the worn and dated oak look? Would you like to upgrade to a hickory, or maple, or even cherry kitchen? If so, refacing those kitchen cabinets may be the best option for you!!

You can totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen with new cabinet doors/drawer fronts, hardware, and new soft close slides for your drawers. Refacing gives you a powerful transformation for a fraction of the cost of installing new cabinets.

Refacing Your Old Oak Cabinets Allows You to:

  • Keep your existing kitchen cabinets.
  • Re-figure any kitchen cabinets that need changing.
  • Change all drawer slides to soft close, making an incredible difference in the feel of your kitchen.
  • You get to choose the style and color of your existing kitchen.
  • Any color paint will do- you get to choose!!
  • Upgrade to another wood species.
  • Choose the stain color if you go with another wood species.
  • Upgrade your door style.
  • Update all your hinges, and door knobs.
  • Save a ton of money!

 Advantages of Refacing Your Old Oak Cabinets:

Refacing will cost you a fraction of buying new cabinets for you whole kitchen. Thus allowing you to totally update your kitchen to the style and color of your choice. Along with that, refacing is far less disruptive than installing new kitchen cabinets. You get fresh new doors and drawer fronts- instantly transforming your kitchen!

How Much Does Refacing My Old Oak Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Refacing costs significantly less than a whole kitchen remodel. However it is  more costly than refinishing your existing cabinet door and drawer fronts, since you will be getting new cabinet door/drawer fronts in your choice of color and style.  You can expect to spend anywhere from $5,000- $12,000 depending on the options you choose, and the size of your kitchen.

Refinishing Old Oak Cabinets?

Repainting the cabinet doors/drawer fronts, along with the face frame of your old oak cabinets, in your choice of colors is called refinishing. Since you are choosing the colors for your kitchen cabinets, you can choose any color that works for you! You also have the option of reusing the existing handles and hinges, or replacing them with new ones. Another option is to upgrade the drawer slides. Add crown molding for a perfect finishing touch.

If you are happy with the existing doors, or refacing is out of your budget, refinishing is a good choice to make. Refinishing updates your kitchen, just by repainting in the color of your choice! Check out our blog about cabinet painting if you are interested in painting them yourself.

Oak Grain Is Unique!

Painted oak cabinets do have a unique look. Since the grain is very porous, it is very hard to fill in all those pores. Even with grain fillers, it is really hard to hide all of the oak grain, regardless of how much filler you use.

Are you wishing for the more down-home appeal, casual, and rustic feel of a farm style kitchen? In that case, working with your existing grain and actually highlighting it, as in glazing or rubbing through the paint makes a lot of sense! Glazing and rub through actually help to accent the grain, all while giving your kitchen that timeless, vintage look of a farm style kitchen.

What Is a Farm Style Kitchen?

Farm style kitchens are usually more rustic and comfortable. If you wish to have a homey, lived-in-feel in your kitchen, farm style is the way to go. Formerly, whites and creams were the colors of choice, however blues and teals, and even navy is coming into style!

Since this is your kitchen, you have the privilege of painting it in your color of choice! You want to pick something that feels invigorating to you, along with cozy and practical. Glazing and the rub through effect both give that incredible, aged and  down-home appeal of a farm style kitchen. This definitely complements the beauty of your home. Old oak cabinets are the perfect cabinets for this procedure, since the oak grain gives ample places for that glaze to show up.

Glazing Old Oak Cabinets

Glaze is a semi-clear coating that is applied after the final coat of paint has dried. Glazing works very well with wood species like oak that has a lot of grain to add character to the end glazed product. If you love all things antique and vintage, or love rustic furniture, this is just the option for you!

Refinished Oak Door – Navy with Glaze

Refinished Oak Door White with Glaze

What Is Glazing Old Oak Cabinets?

Glazing involves cleaning, sanding, and painting the doors as shown above. After applying the final coat of paint/conversion varnish, a glaze is applied over your cabinets. Then the excess is wiped off with a soft, clean, lint-free rag, leaving some in the corners and on the grain.

Glazing is definitely another step to do in the painting process. However, if you are looking for a reasonable, cost friendly option for your orange, dated oak kitchen cabinets, this is a beautiful option! Glazing those kitchen cabinets will definitely give your kitchen cabinets an rustic country look!

Rub Through For My Oak Cabinets

Achieving a rub through effect must be done by exposing the edges and corners of your old oak cabinets and doors. The amount of rub through wanted determines how much of the old cabinet finish is exposed. This will definitely give your kitchen a lovely vintage look!!

Rub Through Oak Door Black with distressed edges

Contact Raymond today at Homestead Cabinet Design for an in-depth plan of action for those old oak cabinets! We would be happy to help you with ideas, paint options, and refacing options! You can feel actual sample doors and hardware. Give it a try TODAY!!

For more information about our services click here.

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We will be happy to upgrade your kitchen for you!!!

I am an insured contractor in MA and CT. Our work is guaranteed, and we can have your kitchen transformed in as little as a weeks’ time!!

We can match any Sherwin Williams paint sample!!

We also have many door styles and options for your oak kitchen cabinets!!

Door Samples


Can Old Wood Cabinets Be Painted?

old oak cabinets painted white
Check this out! These cabinets were old oak cabinets, repainted to a gleaming shining white, giving the whole kitchen a powerful transformation!!

Absolutely! Homestead Cabinet Design has had powerful success with painting old wood cabinets. Indeed, the transformation is amazing!! There are many so good options out there, therefore you can repaint pretty much any color that you want to. There are even ways to minimize the grain, if you have oak cabinets. Also, if you want a country look, you could paint, and then put a glaze over top of it. Virtually, your imagination is the limit!!

If some of your doors need to be replaced, or you have structural issues, you may actually want to think of refacing them. However, most times simply painting your existing kitchen cabinets brings amazing life and vitality onto your kitchen. Totally transforming your work space at a fraction of the cost and hassle of buying new cabinets. You will be amazed at how dashingly beautiful your kitchen cabinets will be with a gleaming fresh coat of paint!!

In this blog, we will focus on simply repainting your old wood cabinets. Indeed, just by painting them, your dated wood  cabinets can go from blah, to absolutely stunning!! You will also be able to get years of life out of otherwise shabby wood cabinets. However, if you want more information on refacing and new cabinet door styles check out our blog on refacing and cabinet doors.

Repainting/Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Below are photos of the transformation a kitchen can go through, just by repainting!

pine cabinets repainted white

Isn’t the transformation is amazing??

painted white kitchen

What Colors Should I Choose For My Cabinet Painting Project?

It is best to go with a color that resonates with you, unless you are planning to sell your home in the near future. True, whites and grays are the all-time favorites. But most likely you will want something that fits you and your home. Blues and teals are also becoming increasingly popular. However it is always best to go with your gut feeling, enjoying what feels homey to you.

Painted Cabinet doors
Door samples

As you can see, your options are endless!!

repainted kitchen
teal painted island with white kitchen
You can even decide to use two colors in your kitchen. Use your imagination!!

Sometimes it helps to visualize your old wood cabinets in another color. If you want some ideas, google “the latest kitchen colors”, or check out Pinterest. These are very valuable resources to help you visualize your own kitchen in that or a similar color. Also, they often include the number of the exact color they used.

Once you have narrowed your options to a few colors, buy a pint in the sample color of your choice. Try painting some small boards with it, then putting them in your kitchen at various angles. This will really help you visualize how the color looks in your kitchen, with your existing walls, counters, and back splashes. Remember that even the lighting can change the tones of paint.

To Saving/Not To Saving Hardware?

Now is also the time to decide if you want to change out the hinges and handles. Often, you will find that changing the hardware will give your finished kitchen cabinets a powerful punch. However, depending on your existing hardware, you may wish to keep it, as these folks did. Indeed, the old hardware added character to their newly painted kitchen!

white painted kitchen

What Kind Of Paint Is Recommended For Cabinet Painting?

You will want to use paints specifically made for cabinets that deliver a rock-hard, smooth finish. While costlier, they will definitely hold up much longer. Especially check out conversion varnishes and Sherwin Williams’ line of cabinet grade paints. They will definitely give you a more durable finish, lasting much longer, and the extra money spent now will definitely be worth it in the long run!!

Do not settle for standard acrylic-latex paint. Indeed, you will find that it does hold up very well on old wood cabinets, peeling quite easily.

Will I Need to Apply a Clear Coat Over the Painted Cabinets?

Definitely, if you choose to use a lower grade paint, you will want to use a clear coat. However, if you go with a cabinet grade paint, or better yet a conversion varnish as the professionals do, you should not need to clear coat your cabinets after painting them.

How Long Should I plan For Painting My Cabinets?

Block out at least a week to paint your kitchen cabinets, if you plan to work at it full time. However, if this is only a spare time project, expect the project to take you weeks or even months.

Is Painting Old Wood Kitchen Cabinets DIY Friendly?

Indeed, it is not for the faint of heart, however it can be done! This is a project that requires a great deal of time and energy. Furthermore, you will be wise to plan ahead and do a lot of research before tackling your kitchen or even bathroom cabinets.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Painting My Cabinets?

First you will want to decide where you will clean and prep all those cabinet door/drawer fronts. Ideally, you will want a large enough area to lay them all flat while working on them. It is crucial to remember that they take up an amazing amount of space, once they are laying down instead of installed on your cabinets. This should definitely be a well ventilated, clean, dry area. An unused room or basement is ideal for this. 😊

Additionally, carve out a space to put the basic kitchen items that you use on a daily basis now. You will not need to remove everything, unless you are painting the inside  of the cabinets, or renovating them. However, you will want to get to your basic kitchen utensils, pots and pans, easily. Remember that painting your kitchen cabinets will take a significant amount of time. And in that time, you will still most likely be needing to cook and prepare food for your family.

At the least, you will want your favorite pots an pans and utensils within easy reach. This will make your kitchen renovation easier for everyone!

Should I Use A  Sprayer When Painting My Kitchen Cabinets?

Ideally, yes. A high quality sprayer will give you that beautiful, glossy, smooth finish. In the event that you decide to use brushes and rollers, invest in brushes and rollers made specifically for cabinet painting. However, if you have lots of grooves and a lot of intricate designs, you will do well to rent or buy a sprayer.

What is the Recommended Procedure in Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

The first thing you will want to make a list of the supplies and equipment you will need. Following is a comprehensive list professionals use:

  1. Painters tape, lots of it!!
  2. Plastic sheeting
  3. Extension poles- they work great to enclose your kitchen into a plastic room. Thus, keeping the dust and chemicals more or less contained
  4. Heavy duty painters’ paper for the floor and counters
  5. Sharpie
  6. Bags for all the hinges and hardware
  7. Goggles
  8. Earplugs
  9. A really good respirator- you will be making lots of dust and dirt, and be around strong chemicals. Be safe!!!
  10. TSP, or any other strong degreaser like Krud Kutter
  11. Rags and a bucket for wiping down the cabinets
  12. A soft lint free rag
  13. An orbital sander
  14. 180, 220, and 320 grit sandpaper
  15. DryDex spackling compound
  16. Spackling knife
  17. A step stool for those high cabinets- yes, it is definitely worth the investment! Be safe!!
  18. A shop vac- ideally also bags to inset in the shop vac. It will cut down on your dust tremendously!!
  19. Be prepared to rent/buy a good paint sprayer
  20. Brushes, good quality rollers, and paint trays with disposable liners, if you decide to go that route.
  21. An air compressor
  22. A large exhaust fan, with a plastic vent to the outside
  23. A very good stain blocking primer
  24. Final coat paint
  25. Felt pads
  26. Last but not least, a good quality camera. You will want to take many pictures before, after, and during the process!! You will never regret that expenditure.

Grab That Camera!

Begin with taking pictures. Lots of them. They will be priceless later on!!

Clean out/Clean Up/Declutter!

Then, clean out/clean off all your cabinets and counter tops. Now is the time to deep clean and organize those kitchen cupboards like you have been dreaming of doing! Save only what you really want to keep for future use.

Due to the extensive work being done in your kitchen, your large appliances should also be removed if possible. However if you are planning to do this project over a period of time, that may not be feasible.

Remove The Cabinet Doors/Drawer Fronts

Begin at one end of the kitchen and move across your kitchen in an orderly fashion to dismantle your kitchen cabinets. As you remove each cabinet door/drawer front, use a sharpie and number each cabinet door in the little pocket hole where one of the hinges came out of. Next, write the corresponding number inside the cabinet/drawer box.

Cover each number with painters tape. This will keep the number safe while you paint. Remember that once your kitchen cabinets are all torn apart, it is not easy to remember where each individual cabinet door/drawer front belongs again.

Please do not disregard this step. In fact, it sounds tedious, but you will not regret doing it! Indeed, this extra precaution alone will save you many frustrations and headaches later on!!

Safeguard Your Hardware!

If you plan to reuse the hardware, save cabinet door/drawer’s hinge in individual Ziploc bags, marking them well. Ideally, the hinges should go back onto the same doors again for the best fit! So for best results, correspond the number of the hinge with the number of the door, even marking them “Top” and “Bottom”.

Hinges do wear a certain way over time, as a result, you will want them clearly marked for easy future reference.

Store these bags in an easily accessible place.

Enclose Your Space

You will want to enclose the kitchen, separating it from the other rooms of your house. The best way to do this is to use large sheets of painters plastic and locking extension poles. These extension poles extend from the floor to the ceiling, securing your plastic sheeting securely.

To start, place a corner of your plastic over the top of the pole. Proceed to put one corner under your pole. Pull the plastic taut, then finally, lock the pole in place. Last, but not least, remember to overlap the plastic sheeting somewhere, effectively creating a “door” for you to use while painting your kitchen cabinets.

As you can see in this photo, it is imperative to protect all other surfaces.  It is far better to over-prep, than to skimp. Thus needing to spend countless painstaking hours scrubbing dust and over-spray off of walls and floors!!

 Protect the Surfaces

Grab that roll of heavy of painters paper. Lay it on the floor, and roll the painters paper out the whole length of your kitchen. Cut your paper to fit. After this, tape it down securely with masking tape on all sides, so it doesn’t slide around. Repeat this pattern, strip by strip, until your whole kitchen floor is covered.

Cover your counters with the same heavy paper, taping everything firmly.

Thoroughly mask off all back splashes and any exposed painted walls with paper or plastic sheeting, including the ceiling. Again, you do not want to spend hours cleaning dust and over spray after your kitchen cabinets are finished.

Last but not least, using plastic and painters tape mask off each individual door and drawer, unless you are painting the insides of the cabinets. This will ensure that the contents of your cupboards will not get damaged by the cleaning chemicals, or over-sprayed while painting.

This can seem like a lot of painstaking effort. However, keep in mind that you will be doing some serious cleaning and sanding. A lot of dust and grime will come flying off of those old cabinets when you sand them. Keep in mind also, that spraying paint creates over spray. You really do not want all this dust and over spray to ruin your interior cabinets, walls, ceiling or floor in the process.

 Ensure Good Ventilation In Your Cabinet Painting Project

Last, but not least, set up an exhaust fan, venting it to the great outdoors.  This is critical for your health. Remember that you will be making a lot of dust, and working with strong caustic chemicals. You do not want to jeopardize your health in exchange for painting your cabinets!


Four Crucial Steps For Prepping Before The Cabinet Painting Begins

  1.  Clean Those Old Wood Cabinets!

We all like to think that we keep our kitchens clean, nevertheless cooking grease does get into all the little nicks and crannies in your doors and frame. Besides, our hands always have residue grease on them, which eventually does build up on our cabinets, especially around the handles.

You will want to use a strong de-greaser to clean those old wood cabinets. Therefore TPS is a good option, although that is a very strong chemical. Without a doubt, make sure you have good ventilation while using this product. Krud Kutter also works well.

Cleaning and prepping those old cabinets and doors will require a significant amount of time and energy. Much care must be given to thoroughly clean and de-grease all the cabinet doors, drawer fronts and face frames. Especially work hard to get any build-up gunk off from around the handles, and hiding in the crevices. Absolutely no grease or dirt can be left behind.

As you will see, leaving grease behind will creating unsightly fish-eyes in your finished product. No amount of paint can cover that!!

Finally, wash everything down with a bucket of clean water and a soft rag, and allow them to dry thoroughly.

 2. Sand All Your Old Wood Cabinets 

First, attach 180 grit sandpaper to the sander before attaching your orbital sander to a shop vac. Then, carefully sand the face frame. Be especially careful to run the sander with the grain of the wood on the face frame of your old cabinets.

In this case, failure to follow these instructions result in unsightly sanding burn marks in your finished cabinets. These always show through when you paint, unless you then spend the necessary time to fill them.

After this, blow off all the dust, being especially careful to get all the dust in the corners. Last but not least, wipe down the cabinets again with a clean dry rag.

 3. Fill in all Imperfections On Your Old Wood Cabinets

You are finally ready to start filling in all those imperfections! First, take a small ball of Drydex with your putty knife, and smooth it over any dings, scuffs, or scratches.

Then, allow the DryDex to dry thoroughly, otherwise it will not sand nicely. As a result, you will definitely end up with smears and balls of DryDex. Some areas may also need a second coat.

Obviously if you plan to use new hardware, fill in those holes also.

 4. Sand All Those Old Wood Cabinets Again!

As before, attach your orbital sander to your shop vac. This time, use 220 grit sandpaper. Sand lightly in a circular motion, remembering to sand  with the grain of the wood. This will help you greatly minimize sanding burn marks.

Again, blow out any residual dust in all the corners.

Finally, wipe everything down with a soft, lint free rag. You definitely do not want dust or dirt hiding in any corner, because paint will not adhere to dust. Nor will you want any lingering dust or lint interfering with a glossy smooth finish on your kitchen cabinets!!

Three Steps For Cabinet Painting

1. Test your Sprayer

Congratulations! You are finally ready to get out the sprayer!!! Undoubtedly this is a long awaited privilege! However, there are safety precautions to follow here also.

It should be noted that most paint and conversion varnish needs to be diluted to achieve a good spray pattern. So, work at figuring out the perfect dilution ratio for your specific paint/conversion varnish and sprayer needs.

Along with that, be sure to check your nozzle and tips. Try spraying in soft gentle sweeps across the board, testing your spray effects. Make the necessary adjustments to achieve a beautiful spray pattern.

In this case, if the paint is too thick, it will come out in blotches, definitely not giving you a nice smooth finish. In contrast, if it is too thin, it will undoubtedly give you runs much sooner!! Too much air will result in bubbles in the paint, and will definitely result in an “orange peel” effect.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Find a spare piece of plywood, and try out that sprayer. Learn how to use the spray gun comfortably. It definitely takes skill to get an even coverage of paint. Now is the time to perfect the skill of achieving a beautiful spray pattern. How rewarding when you see those awesome, shining, newly painted kitchen cabinets.

6. Priming Your Old Wood Cabinets

  1. First, apply the primer in strong even strokes. Be sure to spray the tiny angles and hard to reach places first. Allow it to dry.
  2. Secondly, sand with 320 grit sand paper. Smooth out any runs, or imperfections.
  3. Then, blow out any residual dust in all the corners.
  4. Finally, clean well with a soft lint free rag. Again, you will not want any dust or lint on your cabinets when you go to paint!!
  5. Apply another coat of primer. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
  6. Scuff surfaces again with the 320 sand paper. Be very careful with the edges. Do not sand through the primer. Aim to just scuff the surfaces so that the next layer of paint has something to adhere to.

7. Spray Painting Topcoat On Your Cabinets

Repeat Step 6 For Painting Final Coat

Basically, you will follow the same procedure as you do when you are spraying with primer paint.

  1. First, apply the final color of paint, then allow it to dry.
  2. Then, follow with a very light coat of sanding with 320 grit sandpaper.
  3. Finally, spray the final coat!

At times you can get by with giving your old wood cabinets only one coat of final paint. However, if you want that smooth glossy feel, you will want to give it an extra topcoat. You will find that this is an extra step, however you will be well re-payed when your kitchen cabinets shine!!


Cabinet Painting- Doors and Drawer Fronts

Basically you will follow the very same procedures as was outlined above, with a few additions. Most specifically, create a clean, dust-free area space in your basement or garage to clean and spray paint all the doors and drawers.

Ideally, you should have enough space for the doors and drawer fronts to lay flat to spray. Most high-quality paints and conversion varnishes are self-leveling, so you will also experience far less runs if they are laying down.

You will want to keep them off of the surface you are spraying on. For that reason, be prepared to use blocks or tin cans to prop your doors off of your work surface.

1. Clean Those Cabinet Doors/Drawer Fronts

Thoroughly clean each of your cabinet doors/drawer fronts in the same way as you did the kitchen cabinet frames.

  1. Again, clean very thoroughly with TSP, scrubbing out any dirt hiding in the corners with a small scraper.
  2. Finally, wash thoroughly with hot soapy water, and a clean rag.

Undoubtedly, they are the most prominent and visual part of your finished kitchen cabinets. Obviously,  you will want to take extra precautions to eliminate any lingering grease.

Without a doubt, a few blotches or runners in the face frame can be hidden far easier than streaks and fish eyes in your doors/drawer fronts!!

2. Sand The Cabinet Doors/Drawer Fronts
  1. First, attach your orbital sander to a shop vac. Then using 180 grit sandpaper, carefully sand each side of every door and drawer front.
  2. Using your air compressor, blow out all residual dust.
  3. Last of all, wipe down the cabinet doors/drawer fronts with a clean dry rag.

As has been noted, the door/drawer fronts are the most prominent feature in your kitchen. So be especially careful to run the sander with the grain of the wood on the doors/drawer fronts.

3. Fill in all Imperfections on Your Cabinet Drawers/Door fronts
  1. Grab your putty knife, then taking a small ball of Drydex on your knife, smooth it over any dings, scuffs, or scratches. In addition, if you plan to use new hardware, fill in those holes also.
  2. Allow the DryDex to dry thoroughly, before sanding with 220 grit sand paper.
  3. Then, repeat if necessary.
  4. After the DryDex is thoroughly dry, sand. Also, blow out all dust with an air compressor.
  5. Finish off with wiping every cabinet door/drawer front with a soft lint-free rag.
4. Painting Primer On Your Doors/Drawer Fronts
  1. First, you will want to spray all the cabinet door and drawer cabinets fronts.
  2. Allow plenty of time to let them dry. You definitely do not want a half-dry cabinet door to stick to whatever its resting on!!!
  3. Flip them, and spraying the back side.
  4. Carefully sand each front and back of your cabinet doors/drawer fronts by hand with 320 grit sand paper.
  5. Blow off all dust.
  6. Remove any lingering dust with a soft, lint free rag.
  7. Spray all fronts.
  8. Allow plenty of time to let them dry before flipping to paint the back sides.
  9. Spray all backsides.
  10. Finish with sanding all the sides with 320 grit, being very careful not not sand through the paint to the original wood.

As always, there are those who skimp on this step, trying to get by with only one coat of paint. However, to get that smooth glossy finish, it is imperative to be precise with every step of the process. You really will feel very well rewarded once you finally get to install these doors. If they are well-done, they transform your old tired kitchen from blah to gorgeous!

  5. Applying the Final Coat To Your Cabinet Doors/Drawer Fronts
  1. First, blow off any dust.
  2. Carefully wipe the front and backs of all the cabinet doors/drawer fronts with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  3. Now, apply the first top coat to the fronts of the cabinet doors/drawer fronts.
  4. Allow them to dry thoroughly.
  5. Next, flip all the door/drawer fronts final coat to the back sides of you cabinet doors/drawer fronts.
  6. Again, sand both sides of your doors/drawer fronts with 320 grit sand paper very lightly.
  7. Spray one more final coat to the fronts of your cabinet doors/drawer fronts.
  8. Allow them to dry, before flipping them over and spraying the back sides.
  9. Last, but not least, apply the felt pads to the inside of each door and drawer. This will keep them from scratching the face frame of your newly painted kitchen cabinets.


Re-assembly of Your Painted Cabinets

Congratulations!! You are finally ready to assemble your kitchen cabinets!

Finally, Assemble Your Grand Puzzle!!

First, carefully pull the painters tape off of the hinge space in your doors and drawer fronts. Now, match them to the corresponding cabinet and drawers.

Do you remember where you stored those hinges? Now is the time to get them out, and fit them to the proper door, installing them as you go. However, if you decide to use new hardware, it is pretty straightforward process. In that case, you will only need to pull each hinge out of the bag as you need them, and presto! Your hinges are ready to roll!

Installing  the Cabinet Doors/Drawer Fronts

At this time you are ready to install the doors. Be sure to check for proper alignment on all cabinet doors, otherwise your finished kitchen cabinets will not look professional!

Definitely, messing up on this part will give your finished kitchen a very shoddy and unprofessional look!!

Install Hardware

Finally, you are ready to measure, and install all the hardware.

Relax and Enjoy!!

Finally, finish with a cup of coffee and make sure to take some pictures of your finished kitchen! Bask in the pleasure of your old-dated-cabinets transformed into an airy, updated, gorgeous work space!!


Feeling Overwhelmed?

Pros and Cons

As with all things, there are pros and cons to painting your old wood cabinets yourself. If you have the time and energy, and love the challenge of a very meticulous, time-consuming job, it may work for you.

Obviously, if you have the space to paint your own doors and drawer fronts, you can save yourself a lot of money. However, keep in mind that painting a kitchen really does require quite some skill and expertise.

As has been noted, painting your kitchen cabinets could take weeks, and even months to finish. During that time, your kitchen will be in chaos and quite possibly unusable.

Clearly, painting your old wooden cabinets yourself requires significant time and energy. Regardless of how efficient you try to be, having kitchen cabinets in disarray for a long period of time, makes everything else seem to be chaotic. In fact, the kitchen is at the heart of the home, and when that is disrupted, everything seems to go haywire.

Also remember that if you start the project, and run unto problem, you will be on your own. Moreover, it will be a lot more costly for a professional to come in and fix your problems.

It can be done, but it does add time and a lot of stress to the whole project.

Why Not Let The Professionals Tackle Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Professionals will be able to guarantee spectacularly smashing results the first time without all the added stress and tedious labor on your part. Indeed, they will transform your kitchen from blah to a cheery, spacious work space.

Are you wishing to update your existing kitchen for a larger fridge? Or need some cabinets renovated all new appliances? Possibly you are dreaming of adding a dishwasher, or a brand new farmers sink?

All of these can be tricky renovations for a homeowner, however a professional works with this all the time.

Call The Experts!!

With their expertise, connections to top quality cabinet materials, top quality primers and paints, they will be able to help you achieve that kitchen of your dreams!!

 Hiring a Professional Painter Will Guarantee You:

1. Substantially Saved Time and Energy.

Due to their experience and expertise, professionals can get the job done for you efficiently and quickly. As a matter of fact, a good professional can have your kitchen upgraded in as little as 5-10 days!!! 

On top of that, you will not have to take precious vacation time off to tackle a job that may or may not turn out well.

2.  Professional Skill and Expert Service

Professionals will be able to guarantee spectacularly smashing results the first time without all the added stress and tedious labor on your part. Indeed, they will transform your kitchen from blah to a cheery, spacious work space.

No Cleaning, Sanding, or Prepping Those Kitchen Cabinets For You!!!

Equally important, professionals will be prepared to take your cabinet doors/drawer fronts to their own work space.

Furthermore, they will be equipped to clean, sand, prime, and paint your cabinet doors/drawers in only a few days’ time. In fact, most times they will come back to you sparkling and fresh in less than a week!

Without a doubt, you will be amazed at the difference in the feel of your old-made-new cabinets and cabinet doors/drawer fronts!!

Obviously, why not let the professionals handle this project?

3. Top of the Line Equipment

No Need To Rent/Buy Expensive Equipment!!

Obviously, quality paint sprayers and air compressors are very pricey, and can range from $1,000 to well over $8,000 each.

Professionals will definitely have top-of-the-line equipment, since they paint/renovate kitchen cabinets on a daily basis. And this will not be your hassle if you hire a professional to paint your old wooden kitchen cabinets. Professional will have all the equipment necessary to swiftly and smoothly upgrade your old tired kitchen cabinets.

Best of all, they will be able to modify your existing cabinets without you needing to buy all that extra equipment!!

4. Professional Upgrades

Quite possibly you are wishing for some upgrades in your kitchen. Or maybe your refrigerator cabinet needs adjustments? Possibly you hope to incorporate a new farmers sink, or dishwasher.

As a matter of fact, professionals have access to cabinet grade building materials. Obviously, they will be happy to give you options that will potentially save you money in the long run.

In conclusion, professionals are able to transform your worn tired kitchen to a fresh, stunning, functional work space.


5.  Quality Primers and Paints at Your Service

Obviously, professionals have done tons of research themselves, wanting to offer you the best of the best. Because of this, they have access to top-of-the-line primers and top coat paints for your specific kitchen cabinets. They will also be very happy to show you all the options for your existing cabinets!

Along with this, since they have such top quality primers and paints, they are able to guarantee their work.

 Warranties On All Completed Work

Professionals are insured. Most importantly, they care about giving you a beautiful professionally painted kitchen cabinets that will last you a long time. Moreover, they will stand behind their work.

This will absolutely give you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you have someone to call on.

Clearly, if the above process seems to be daunting and overwhelming; you will do well to hire a professional painter.  It will definitely cost you more money, but you will absolutely be assured of having a beautiful quality paint job in the end.


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Painted Cabinet doors

We can definitely match any Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint samples. So, pick out your favorite color and we will be happy to match it. Your options are as endless as these paint decks!!

What Is the Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets?

Want to paint your kitchen cabinets? Not sure what products will hold up to all the wear and tear of normal kitchen use and abuse? Not all paints are suitable for painting kitchen cabinetry.

The best kitchen cabinet paints for spraying are 2 part urethanes, pre-catalyzed lacquers or conversion varnish sprayed with professional equipment. Cabinet professionals will most likely use one of these products which are applied by spraying with professional spray equipment. Cabinet paints can be purchased by home owners in local paint stores, however, these paints are not equal to the industrial coatings that cabinet makers use.

These paints are applied by using specialized spray equipment:

  • Conversion varnish (catalyzed Lacquer).
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer (pre-cat lacquer).
  • Waterborne lacquer. Kem Aqua by Sherwin Williams is a good option.
  • Urethane- Milesi 2K comes with a hardener tend to be harder finish.

Keep in mind that conversion varnishes and pre-cat lacquers have very strong odors. They should not be used in a house without really making sure you have a super ventilation system set up. Moreover, the smell lingers for a few days. This causes headaches for some people.

So even though conversion varnishes give an extremely hard finish, we prefer the water borne Milesi 2K. This is a new product that has come onto the market in the last few years. It works as well as the conversion varnishes. In actuality, it often seems to lay nicer with fewer spraying issues than conversion varnishes.

Moreover, with the added hardeners, it ends up giving just as hard a finish as conversion varnishes, with way less toxic fumes! Using Milesi paint gives a win-win situation all around! Additionally, Milesi matches any Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint samples.

These paints are specified as cabinet grade paints that can be brushed or rolled:

  • Benjamin Moore Advance 
  • Bher Alkyd
  • Valspar Cabinet Enamel
  • Insyl-X Cabinet Coat
  • Sherwin Williams Emerald Eurathane

What is the most durable kitchen cabinet finish?

Catalyzed finishes are at the top of the list for durability. However because of high VOCs,  they are mostly used in shops with ventilated spray booths. These are used to finish new doors, new cabinets, or cabinet facing materials. Is not recommended for use in your house if you’re occupying the house. 

Waterborne lacquers, with their low VOCs, are a good choice for spraying cabinets in house. Waterborne finishes of today are of much higher quality than they were 10 years ago and have excellent durability, comparable to solvent based lacquers.

If you’re spraying your cabinets in your house, I would recommend using waterborne finishes for the cabinet boxes, and then removing the doors and spray them in a well ventilated area with a conversion Varnish.

Since conversion varnishes are slightly more durable, and since the doors are the most used features in a kitchen, it makes the most sense to use the conversion varnish for the doors. 

If you refacing your kitchen cabinets, you can spray the refacing materials with conversion varnish outside the home as well.

If you want your complete kitchen finished in conversion varnish, simply take off for a few days to a week while the kitchen is being finished till the finish has cured and the smell is gone.

What is the best primer for painting over stained kitchen cabinets?

If you are spraying your primer over existing finish, use a waterborne pigmented primer. Primers that will be brushed or rolled on, should be either an oil based stain blocking primer or a shellac based primer such as the BIN brand shellac primer. 

Shellac primer is a bit more expensive, but is an excellent stain blocker and is suitable for use under lacquers, paints, or polyurethanes. 

 How to prep cabinets for painting.

The key to a successful painting job starts here! If you do this step correctly, you will have a beautiful smooth finish when you are done.

It is extremely important to clean the cabinets well. All  grease and oil must be cleaned thoroughly using a detergent. TSP works well for this. Don’t skimp on this step!

Rub the cabinets with denatured alcohol and allow them to dry.

Lightly sand the cabinets with a 220 or higher grit sandpaper. Do NOT sand through the finish to the wood unless absolutely necessary. This will help with sealing in the tannins of the raw wood.

Wipe with a tack cloth to remove all dust particles.

Rub the surfaces one more time with denatured alcohol to remove any remaining oils that may have come off your fingers. 

Mask off any areas surrounding the cabinets such as appliances, countertops, backsplash, floors, walls,ceilings, etc.  Use a low adhesion painters tape on walls to reduce the peeling of the wall paint when tape is removed.

How many coats of paint should I put on my cabinets?

Depending on the paint used, usually 3 coats is about right. Start with one coat of primer after all the prep is complete. This will highlight any areas that need to be filled or repaired.

Fill all holes or cracks with a paintable filler.  Do not use silicons or caulks! After the filler is dry sand it completely smooth, lightly scuff sand the entire primed area with 320 grit sandpaper.

Apply a second coat of primer. Sand again with 320 grit sandpaper, making sure to get this coat very smooth. Be careful on corners and edges to not completely sand through the primer.

Now paint the cabinets with your color coat. You should only need one or two color coats at the most. 

Do you paint both sides of cabinet doors?

Yes. Always paint the fronts and backs of doors and drawer fronts. While the Interiors of the cabinets don’t need to be painted you should paint both sides of the doors and the inside edges of the face frame openings of each door.

The doors should be completely removed from the cabinet, as well as the hinges and pulls or knobs. 

What parts of the cabinet are painted?

Generally all exposed parts of the cabinet or painted. All the face frames and inside edges of the door openings,  as well as exposed sides of the cabinets.

Since wall cabinets are generally not painted on the bottom sides at the factory, they can be either left unpainted, or painted if you prefer.

The Interiors of the cabinets are generally not painted unless there’s a cabinet with an opening with no doors or if the cabinet has glass doors.

What is the most popular color to paint kitchen cabinets?

Whites are by far the most popular colors, and since they tend to be more neutral, they go well  with most other colors you might have in the room.

Take into consideration the color of your walls, counter tops, and floor, and choose colors that will tie these together.

Using lighter colors in small spaces can help brighten up the kitchen and give the allusion of more space.

Navy blues and grays are the trend presently. Combining these colors with white is also a popular trend.  Use contrasting colors for the island, such as a blue or grey island and white cabinets for the rest of the kitchen.

Another popular trend is to have blue or gray base cabinets with white wall cabinets. Again, this may not be the best in all situations,  depending on the color of counter tops and walls.

If you  are painting the kitchen so that you can sell the house, use a little more neutral colors.  If you go with something too exotic, no matter how much you like it, the next owner may have different tastes and will want to repaint again! So choose something more neutral, such as a white with perhaps a contrasting Island in softer gray or blue.

 However, if you will be using this kitchen for many years, then the sky’s the limit when choosing a color. Make it something attractive that you will love!

Should I replace the doors on my cabinets?

Want to give your kitchen an even bigger face lift? Go ahead and swap out the doors for a brand-new Shaker door or any style for that matter! For more information on Shaker doors check out our blog on cabinet doors.

New doors with concealed soft-close hinges and new hardware will drastically improve the look and feel of your kitchen.

Doors come in many styles – a simple Shaker flat panel door with square edges is a very popular door. These doors can be gotten as either MDF material or solid wood. 

The most common method for a painted door is to use a wood frame with an MDF panel in the center. MDF doesn’t expand or contract like solid wood when temperatures and humidity change. So it makes it a very stable door. 

My painted doors have hairline cracks at the joints!

This is totally normal for a wood door. There is no way to avoid that as wood does contract and expand.  So in a door frame where two parts come together, the grain runs in opposite directions making hairline cracks inevitable.

How long does it take to paint a kitchen?

 Most professionals can paint a kitchen in 3 to 5 days. If you’re tackling this job yourself,  and take the time to do a proper job of cleaning and prep work, it will depend on how much time you have dedicated to your project each day. Give yourself at least a week of dedicated time, or spread it out over several weeks or weekends. For more in-depth instructions on painting your cabinets yourself, visit our blog on old cabinets.

Remember if you have a professional do it, it will be done quickly but you will not be able to use the kitchen for several days because of all the masking involved. Co-ordinate this with a time you will be on vacation, or out of the house for a few days.

Refinishing kitchen cabinets before and after.

Refinishing or painting your kitchen can be a very rewarding experience! The night and day difference will be astounding. it is truly amazing what a facelift can do for a worn or tired kitchen. I hope this inspires you to make the change in your kitchen, whether you have someone professionally do it for you or you do it yourself.

Cabinet Refinishing before and after
Cherry kitchen to be painted Dove White
White painted cabinets
Cherry cabinets refinished – painted Dove White

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We can match any Sherwin Williams paint sample!!

paint samples

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Painted Cabinet doors
Door samples

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cabinet hardware selections

Along with that, possibly your drawers need new slides. We have soft close slides and door hinges to ensure that quiet, delightfully soft closing effect of soft close drawers and doors!! For more information on soft close slides and hinges, check out our blog on soft close slides and hinges.

soft close slides
Bottom of drawer and slides
soft close concealed hinge