5 Cabinet Painting Mistakes

Common Mistakes Made In Cabinet Painting

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Are you wishing to tackle painting your own kitchen? Does it look overwhelming, especially with all the conflicting information out there? Additionally, you see kitchens done by DIYers that totally failed. Your really don’t want to repeat their mistakes, however you feel at a loss of how to proceed. Read on to find out the most common mistakes made by DIY-ers, to save you that same grief!

Indeed, do not despair! It is really not that hard to paint your own kitchen. You just need to follow the same steps professionals take to achieve that beautifully glossy smooth finish professionals achieve. This is not a secret science, you just need to follow the proper step by step process. Furthermore, you do not want to go to the box stores for information. Ask the pros! Big box store paints give you big box store results!

For detailed step by step instructions on how to perfectly paint your kitchen check out our blog on cabinet painting. Remember, this is something you can do with the proper equipment, paints, and enough of time! You can achieve the same results in painting your own kitchen that professionals get, by following the same procedures!

In this blog, we want to show you 5 common mistakes DIYers make when painting their own kitchen. We want to address these problems up front with you so that you can avoid making these same mistakes. Thus effectively saving yourself a lot of time and money.

The biggest five mistakes we see a lot as professionals:

  1. Improper prep
  2. Not priming or using the wrong primer
  3. Wrong topcoats
  4. Using the wrong equipment
  5. Not following directions for the proper cure time.

Common Mistake 1. Improper Prep

The first of the 5 common mistakes a lot of homeowners make is improper prep. You must prep properly for a beautiful end product. Do not listen to the “pros” at the big box stores who would like to tell you that you do not need to clean and sand for a good finish. All your cabinets must be free of grease and dust for you to have a beautiful painted kitchen that will last you for a long time!

Below you see a picture of a cabinet that was not properly prepped. The paint peels right off! This is indicative that they either only used de-glosser without sanding or proper cleaning. Do not fall for this trick. Your paint will fail if you do not properly clean, sand , and prep. De-glosser should only be used in areas that you cannot sand. Even then, you still need to clean afterwards with denatured alcohol and a soft rag.

Remember that even if you use the best of the best paints, your paint can only adhere to properly prepped surface. Indeed, the end result of your painted kitchen is only as good as the prepping you do! Paint cannot adhere to improperly prepped surface, and you only set yourself up for failure by skimping on this very crucial step in the process!!

common mistakes of diy-ers cabinet painters
Do not repeat this DIY-ers mistake!!

You need to clean, prep, and sand your cabinets. Do not think you can skimp on this step! As usual, the biggest amount of your time will be spent prepping your cabinets for painting. However, once your cabinets gleam with that new coat of paint, you will feel like a millionaire! Especially since you know that no grease or dirt is hiding anywhere behind the scenes to trap you and fail your paint job in a few years.

Believe me, proper prep is super important for that professionally smooth, glossy finish in your kitchen.

Common Mistake 2. Not Priming Or Using the Wrong Primers

Another problem we often see is the misinformation from the big box stores that no priming is necessary. Or they tell you that the same primers apply for cabinets as do for wall or trim painting. This is just not true!

You cannot use paint and primer combined, nor do you want to use wall paint. It will not hold up. Remember that you are painting cabinets, not walls. So, you need to use the proper primers for cabinets.

Chalk paints also make a poor decision for cabinets. Even while they are easy to use, they are soft paints. Thus they do not hold up the continual wear and tear that kitchen cabinets undergo on a continual basis.

You want to use cabinet grade paint. Definitely, they will cost more. However the strength and durability of cabinet paint far surpasses wall and chalk paints!

Look for Benjamin Moore line of cabinet paints. Another top of the line paint that shows extreme durability, yet comes as a water base paint, is Milesi 1 paint. This paint shows as good results with hardness and durability as conversion varnishes, without those horrible fumes!!

Common Mistake 3. Using the Wrong Topcoats

The next common mistake we see people making is using the wrong topcoats. Again, this is due to so much misinformation out there. Do not believe for a minute that you can use inferior wall paint on your cabinets, and achieve the same results a professional does! Granted, even some so-called professionals will tell you to use low quality paint. You have probably listened to some people who call themselves professionals after only painting a few kitchens.

However, remember that durability is the true test of any professional. Most likely, if they have just started cabinet painting, it is hard to know how long the paint will last. You really do not want to put forth all this time and effort for you paint to fail in a few short years!

Common Mistake 4. Using the Wrong Equipment

The fourth mistake we see often, is people using the wrong equipment. True, brushes and rollers can be used to paint cabinets. However, you cannot use just any brush or roller. Additionally, even when using the right equipment, you need to brush and roll properly to achieve that beautiful professional finish. In our blog on cabinet painting we show you step by step how to brush and roll, and even spray like the pros!

We want you to end up with a kitchen you can be proud of! So many times people start with misinformation, ending up needing to call the professionals in to finish for them. This can be avoided! With time an effort you can have as beautiful a finish as the professionals give you! You do not need to end up with a failed paint project.

Common Mistake 5. Not Following Proper Cure Time

The fifth common mistake people make is not following proper cure time in between coats of paint. You must follow the times listed on the back of your paint can. Do not try to rush this! Some paints like Benjamin Moore Advance have a long cure time, and you may only get 1 coat done a day. That’s just fine. take your time, and you will definitely be rewarded with a beautiful finish on you kitchen cabinets.

Can I Paint my Kitchen Myself?

Absolutely! Avoid these 5 common mistakes and you will achieve beautiful results! Plan to take a few months to finish painting your kitchen, if you are only doing it in your spare time. In the event that you take time off of work to paint your cabinets, plan to spend at least a week and possibly two to paint your kitchen cabinets. You really do not want to hurry through the project and end up with peeling paint after spending all that time working on it!!

For more info on upgrades for your kitchen check out our blog on 10 Upgrades for DIY-ers.

maple kitchen painted chantilly white
Your kitchen can look just like this with hard work and some devoted time to the project!!

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